Mark Bakke

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Date of birth:



Real Estate


Tacoma, Washington

E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

My whole life starting with Zepplin, Ted Nugent, Priest, Scorps, Iron Maiden!!

How and when did you become a collector?

I love all types of heavy metal and focus on guitar based bands.

What kind of stuff do you collect?


Which styles do you collect?


How big is your collection?

1,000 CD's and lots of DVD concerts.

Where do you buy?

I buy online and local stores.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

I like all AC/DC and Iron Maiden.

Do you trade / buy / sell?


Any famous last words?

Yes. I read your interview with Mark from Taist of Iron. I am Mark Bakke who was the 5th member of the original line-up. I played with the group for about 8 months before leaving to start a new band called 4Play in Tacoma, Washington. My sister just saw Lorrainne over the weekend and Mark, Jeff, and Lorrainne are talking about getting back together. I live in Newport Beach, California so its a little difficult to join them, but I would love to play again with the group. It's been 22 years since we played Midland Hall during those battle of the band nights.