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Writer, graphic designer, sound engineer, drummer, part time retailer (on the side).


CELL PHONE: (516) 859-1675 EMAIL: If you want to get in touch with me via email my email address is If you want to call me house phone or get my mailing address call my cell first and Ill give you the info. Im also on Soulseek sometimes. If you want to browse me just email me with your username and Ill add you to my list. I mainly just use Soulseek for trading with a small group of people, but I have no problem letting other people download from me as long as they read (and follow) the rules in my User Info. I havent been on as much lately, but Im on every once in a while.

E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Ive been listening to Heavy Metal in depth for around 5 years now. Before that I listened to Maiden, Priest, Sabbath and generic stuff, but nothing obscure (mostly stuff I heard from my father). One day I came across and Vibations Of and started listening to random stuff I hadnt heard of (I was 12 at the time). One of the first things I listened to on the site was PURGATORY's "Tied To The Trax". I was blown away, and just looking at the site I realized that "Tied" was just one of hundreds of potentially amazing albums I never even would have known to look for. I immediately started looking into old and obscure bands looking for new stuff. In the years since then Ive looked deeper and deeper into the underground of the 80s and spent most of my money on Heavy Metal (more on that below). I dont have a lot of extra money (and I have to save for college) so I cant buy as much as Id like, but once I get a full-time job Im going to hopefully get to go to Europe to see Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air, and go to a bunch of local record stores (something we dont have much of around here).

How and when did you become a collector?

I "collect" simply because I'm deeply into the music. I wouldn't spend money on something thats rare just because its rare, but if it's some of the best music I've ever heard (i.e. LEGEND - From The Fjords, etc) thats when I really value something (regardless of its monatery value). Id take a copy of "The Innocent, The Forsaken, & The Guilty" over a copy of "Plan Of Attak" any day.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Pretty much anything that I really like musically. If something is available on multiple formats then I prefer 12" LP's over everything, but I still buy cassette's, CDs, VHS/DVDs, some old fanzines, flyers etc. Im really into old fanzines because they allow me to at least get a glimpse of what it was like being part of the 80's Metal underground. I was born in 1990 so I have no idea what it was like living during the best years of Heavy Metal (it seems almost alien to me at times...i really missed out).

Which styles do you collect?

I really dont focus on any one style in particular, because I like a really wide variety of stuff. My favorite style would have to be 80s Traditional Heavy Metal with Epic or Thrashy elements (usually not together, not that i'd mind that). However, Im also extremely into Doom (stuff from CANDLEMASS, and SAINT VITUS to BLACK HOLE and THE MEZMERIST), Traditional Heavy Metal (stuff like WITCHKILLER), NWOBHM (ARC, SATAN, ANGEL WITCH, DEEP MACHINE, etc), early Death Metal (usually the lesser-known bands from around 1987-1992, such as DARKIFIED, BLOOD OF CHRIST (US), DEMIGOD (FIN), etc). Im also very much into old Thrash (DESTRUCTION, BLOOD FEAST, and SODOM, to CARDINAL SIN (Puerto Rico), FORMICIDE, and SEDUCTIVE BLASPHEMY). Other bands that Im really into are CIRITH UNGOL, FATES WARNING, MEDIEVAL STEEL, BROCAS HELM, DARK QUARTERER, BLACK DEATH (Ohio), etc.

How big is your collection?

I guess its pretty big. Probably bigger then most other people my age (although thats not saying much), but its nothing compared to a lot of the older collectors who have been into the stuff since before I was born. I really dont view it as a competition or anything like that, and even if my collection got really big I wouldnt go around bragging about it. I really just collect because of the music.

Where do you buy?

Mostly on the internet, because on Long Island there really arent any places to find interesting records. The best you can do in an average record store around here is HOLLAND's "Early Warning" and stuff like that. If you get really lucky you can pick up a copy of MERCY's "Witchburner", or an original copy of "Morbid Tales", but even chances like that are very rare around here. There is a lot of good albums, no doubt, but not really much of anything you couldnt get on Ebay after looking for a week or two.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

My 30 favorite Metal items that I own ("by heart")
THE MEZMERIST - The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty EP
RITUAL SACRFICIE - The Early Years CD (I wrote the bio and helped set up the release)
LEGEND - From The Fjords LP (Original)
MERCENARY - She's Evil 7" + TRIBUTE demo tape
PURGATORY - Tied To The Trax LP (Test-Pressing...Raw, Pre-Mixdown recording)
BLACK DEATH - s/t LP w/ 7" single
COVEN - Worship New Gods LP (w/ Ragnarok demo tape, signed photo, and bumper sticker)
BRICK MISTRESS - All 3 original demo tapes (1 totally unreleased)
CHEMIKILL (MD) - Consumed By Hate demo tape
POWERLORD - The Awakening EP (w/ signed insert)
TERROR - Pain And Suffering CD (limited to 50 copies)
DOFKA - Toxic Wasteland LP
V/A - CLEVELAND METAL - Compilation LP (1983, on pre-Auburn label "Clubside Records")
RITUAL (BEL) - Selftitled (Signed by the now deceased bassist Raymond Roobaert)
PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquisition LP
BROCAS HELM - Into Battle LP
V/A - HEAVY ARTILLERY Cassette (on Auburn Records, one of the best comps ever!)
ARC - War of The Ring 7" (with 4 full-size posters and demo tape)
SLAUTER XSTROYES - Winterkill (I only have the reissue, but its still one of my favorites)
BLACK HOLE - Land Of Mystery LP
JAGGED EDGE (US) - Both 7"s
MEDIEVAL STEEL - Medieval Steel LP
HELL - Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us 7" (with promo booklet that has the 7" liner notes, phtos, lyrics, etc)
CIRITH UNGOL - One Foot In Hell LP
DARKIFIED - Sleep Forever 7" w/ original demo tape

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Im really only interested in buying, although I will buy something to resell if I get the chance, just because I can use the extra money to buy more stuff for myself. I also buy stuff for people and try to help people out when I get the chance, as long as I get paid back eventually.

Any famous last words?

I dont really have any "famous" last words. Id just like to say that if anyone wants to recommend bands to me, discuss Metal, sell me stuff (haha...), or anything else, feel free to email me. I also run some pages for old bands, if anyone wants to check them out. PURGATORY TRIBUTE PAGE TERROR "OFFICIAL" PAGE Im more involved with the Cleveland scene than any other individual scene. If you want to see my Ohio Metal mp3 tradelist, or have any questions about old Ohio area bands I can probably help you out. Id be happy to recommend some of my favorite of the more obscure bands, and I may be able to send you some mp3s or Mpegs.