Dale Duncan

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I've been listening to metal since I was a kid. My older sisters were into metal, and that's how it started with bands like Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc...

How and when did you become a collector?

I've only been collecting metal exclusively for the past 2 or 3 years. Before that it was comics, then punk and hardcore.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Vinyl preferably...or old demo tapes, but if I can't get it on vinyl I'll get the cd. I also collect live show footage... preferably on dvd, but vhs is ok too.

Which styles do you collect?

METAL!!! Mostly 80's trad. metal, doom, thrash/speed, and NWOBHM. Sometimes older death or black metal... it really just depends on if I like it or not.

How big is your collection?

uummm... probably 500 or 600 vinyl, 200 or 300 cds, and just a few demo tapes and/or live footage.

Where do you buy?

online mostly... thru eBay, online shops, etc...

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

not by $ value, but what kicks my ass the most!
Halloween - don't metal with evil lp
Doomsword - resound the horn 2lp
Pagan Altar - lords of hypocrisy lp
Medieval Steel - mlp
Pentagram - day of reckoning lp
Infernal Majesty - none shall defy lp
Emmy Strut - mlp
Manowar - hail to england lp
Witchfinder General - death penalty lp
Heavy Load - death or glory lp
Slough Feg - traveller lp
That's just a few off the top of my head

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Mostly just buying... but always open for trades or selling

Any famous last words?

ONLY ANALOG IS REAL!!! oh, and here's a short wantlist if anybody has these or can get them please let me know! Kratos - iron beast mlp Crowley - whisper of the evil lp Outbreak - master stroke lp and Crystal Knight - s/t lp