Brian Woodworth

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Shipping clerk


near Detroit, Michigan (USA)

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I first started listening to metal in 1982, but 1984 is the year that I consider myself completely "converted" to the genre. Band wise, Judas Priest was the first one that really caught my attention. On a personal level, I had been taking piano lessons since 1979 or so, and by 1983 I was completely sick of practicing and playing classical music that I had no interest in listening to. Heavy metal seemed like the ultimate contrast and it clicked with me.

How and when did you become a collector?

I have been collecting on a serious level now for about 10 years. Collecting is bacially an obsesssion and I enjoy tracking down obscure LPs or CDs that most people don't like or know about. It's a great feeling when you finally get some rarity that you've searched a long time for (and it feels even better when you stumble across it in a used record shop for a few dollars).

What kind of stuff do you collect?

My main interests are LPs, CDs and 7"s, but I also buy demo tapes from time to time.

Which styles do you collect?

I have listened mainly to death and thrash metal for about 13 years now, but I also enjoy doom, black, power and some classic metal stuff too. Death and thrash metal are the most intense and aggressive forms of heavy metal when they are played with conviction and sincerity, so these 2 styles are my favorites.

How big is your collection?

I have close to 5000 titles (as for originals, 1200 are CDs, 600 LPs, 350 7"s and 200 demo tapes). The rest are dubbed copies or burns I have gotten through tape and CD-R trading.

Where do you buy?

I usually get most of my records from other traders and underground mail order companies. I used to find a lot of stuff in local used stores, but not so much anymore.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

It's really too difficult to place a monetary value on an LP, so I'll list 10 vinyls that I'm very thankful to have, mainly due to rarity and my own personal enjoyment of them (listed in no particular order):
Necrodeath - Into the Macabre LP
Morbid Angel - Thy Kingdom Come 7"
Celtic Frost - Emperor's Return pic. disc
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill LP (red vinyl)
Pentagram - Fatal Predictions 7"
Slayer - Reign In Blood pic. disc
Bloodbath - Toxic Death MLP
Bathory - The Return...... LP (original Tyfon pressing)
Energetic Krusher - Path to Oblivion LP
V/A - Warfare Noise LP
I've probably missed something more important, but that's the best I can do on the spur of the moment.

Do you trade / buy / sell?

I'm most definitely interested in trading, as well as buying (but I can't and won't pay exorbitant prices for most items--I'd prefer to track them down via trading).

Any famous last words?

I have a small list of items for trade at my site, and I'll search for titles that other people want as well. I'm always looking for tape traders with demos and live shows / rehearsals to offer, so interested parties should contact me.