Tobias Bergquist

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Works at a Food processing plant most of the year.

E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Since the summer of 1989. Me and my best friend Axel checked out his fathers records. And we found some Black sabbath albums and after that it was no fucking return. Before that i was absolutely uninterested in music. My first love was Black sabbath and after that it just exploded. Another big influence was Leif Edlings radio show Bang! He played songs with bands like Shadow Gallery, Pagan (SWE), Cynic, Chastain, Death, Grave, Brutal truth, Anvil, Moahni Moahna, Dream theater, Stillborn and i just worshiped that stuff!!! And still do!!! I really enjoy going to concerts/ Festivals. Last time was the Keep it true festival in Germany. 1300 km driving on one day is nothing for a diehard metal fan.

How and when did you become a collector?

I guess from the beginning. But money was a big problem back then. It really took of when i started to earn some money. I collect for the love of metal. The last thing i hear before i fall to sleep is metal, the first thing i hear before i go out of my bed is metal. When i wake up in the middle of the night i take on my headphones and press play on the stereo. I take every chance i get to enjoy metal. When i´m writing this words i am listening to The Obsessed "The church within" album. Great stuff!

What kind of stuff do you collect?

All formats. CD, LP, 12", 7", 10", Shaped records, Pic discs, Demo tapes and CDR with live gigs and interviews. I record live gigs with a mini-dsic recorded, so far well over 200 gigs on MD. No MP3, that is for short haired whimps!

Which styles do you collect?

No, not really. I like most kinds of Metal. But I´m heavily into Doom and Epic stuff. I´m not really into Black metal, just a few bands. Nu-metal and that kind of shit is not worth my interest.

How big is your collection?

Around 1500 CDs. Around 1200 LP´s,12"and Pic discs. 250 7" singles and a bunch of demos and videos. Total amount of titles included stuff on CDR and Demos is well over 4000.

Where do you buy?

I buy records mostly in Sweden, Germany and Denmark . But i´ve been record shopping in USA, South-Korea, England/ Scotland and some other places. I´m not that interested in bying of the internet, i´m more into the chase... Ebay is for the lazy!!!

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

I write down only 5 i guess theese are my 5 most valuble records.
Marduk "Fuck me jesus"
Arrow "Diary of a soldier"
Artch "For the sake of mankind" LP
Overlorde "EP"
Metal Mercy "The unborn child"

By heart! Some records i absolutly love:
Manilla Road "Crystal logic"
Count Raven "High on infinity"
Pentagram (USA) "Pentagram"
Cirith Ungol "King of the dead"
Entombed "Clandestine"
Hawkwind "Warrior on the edge of time"
Dream theater "Images and words"
Queensryche "Operation mindcrime"
Iron Maiden "Killers"
Metallica "Kill ém all"
Pretty standard list maybe?

Do you trade / buy / sell?

I do some trading, but mostly i buy.

Any famous last words?

#1 Det är ett hårt liv #2 Hellre lite flatlöss på snoppen än HIV i hela kroppen"