Daniel Quesada Garcia

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Alicante, Spain

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I started to Heavy at the school, when some friends they listen this bands: Europe, Poison, Accept, Guns n' Roses, Scorpions, Iron Maiden and more, but today i listen all styles of metal, from Ac/dc,Europe,Alice Cooper to Napalm Death, Deicide, Six feet under and everything what you think.

How and when did you become a collector?

Collecting for about 10 years.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

All, but I prefer vinyls

Which styles do you collect?

My preferences are Spanish Heavy Metal and International Thrash.

How big is your collection?

Today i have 600 vinyls, 700 cd's and 200 tapes for all styles of metal.

Where do you buy?

Ebay, and local shops.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

-Baron Rojo-Larga vida al rock n roll
-Megadeth- Countdown to extintion/ Rust in Peace
-Coroner (All albums)
-Europe -The final countdown
-Stryper -To hell with the devil
-Hamlet (All albums)
-Black Sabbath -Paranoid
-Carcass -Heartwork
-In flames (All)
-Anthrax -Among the living

By Value:
-Thor -Mata a la bestia (LP)
-Excess -The fatal touch (Lp)
-Metallica -Kill 'em all (Picture LP numbered: 3099 Megaforce)
-Sepultura -Morbid visions (LP First press Brazilian)
-Cadena Perpetua -En nombre de la paz
-Necronomicon -St

Do you trade / buy / sell?


Any famous last words?

The rock never stop!!!