Eric Morales

Date of birth:



librarian/history writer/opera singer (tenor)



E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I am listening to heavy metal since i was a little 6th grade kid,and my inspiration for this was bands like, triumph,ozzy,foghat and uriah heep, but the first time i heard Black Sabbath(it was Live Evil)i knew the metal will be in my live to stay for ever.HAIL!

How and when did you become a collector?

Ive been collecting,not from a long time,as i have a lot of stuff,since i was young,but never been into,collecting primarly,as i only keep the stuff i like,collecting to me,is like to get everything that is rare or have the biggest amount of stuff,and i am not into that i am into find the stuff i like,and when i do a trade if the record i found is extremelly rare but i dont like it,you can be sure ,that it will be in other hands by a trade soon,hahaha!!!

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I am mainly into vinyl,and then into cds,but i also like to get videos,tshirts,patches,everything!!!

Which styles do you collect?

I am mainly into 80s true metal!!and specially,the kind that is epic,classic and doom! like candlemass,dark quarterer,mercyful fate,warlord or manowar,i am strongly into the us traditional/speed metal too,like savage grace,agent steel,helstar,omen or deadly bleesing!and as latin american i have a lot of favorites and heroes like gillman,arkangel,kraken,rata blanca or luzbel. I have to let you know that i am into my metal roots very strong and my love for bands like dio,accept,sabbath,maiden ,judas, powerfull!!!!! and at last i have known a lot of bands from countries i didnt have the opportinity to know before,as pokolgep, ossian, kathedra, aria, seikima ii, armageddon, crush, exoristoi, etc.that i love very much their music and times!!i am also a big spanish metal collector,into goliath, crom, oracle, thor, exodo, evo, santa,etc.

How big is your collection?

right now a have a collection of close to 2000 lps and 1500 cds and demos!

Where do you buy?

I mainly trade with friends from all over the world,but when i travel i am allways looking for the records shop to see what can i find!

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

rare stuff:
-khaos-forjado en roca-lp(honduras)
-power lord-I-ep(puerto rico)
-leon heraldico-st-ep(bolivia)
-guerrero medieval-ingrata humanidad-cd(panama)
-oxido-demo 83(peru)
-Armageddon-tears of a king bird LP
-Crazy Lazy-que viva el rock LP
-Arkangel-rock nacional LP
-X-caliber-warriors of the nightLP

heart stuff:
-gillman-levantate y pelea-lp(venezuela)
-cronos-al fin una victoria-lp(venezuela)
-mercyful fate-curse of the pharaohs-pic disc
-luzbel-pasaporte al infierno-lp(mexico)
-m.a.s.a.c.r.e.-en vivo-cd(peru)
-baron rojo-tierra de nadie-lp(spain)
-dark quarterer-st-lp(italy)
-warlord-deliver us-ep
-savage grace-master of disguise-pic disc

Do you trade / buy / sell?

mainly into trades but i can buy at reasonable prices!

Any famous last words?

to introduce myself to the guys who dont know me,i was the lead singer of 2 legendary bands from the 80s in the caribbean, red steel and power lord, in 91 i begun an opera career ,and right now i have 2 bands in my area, DANTESCO(true metal in the vein of mercyful fate),and a very acclaimed tribute band to RONNIE JAMES DIO called THE NEON KNIGHTS!,I am also the singer for the next cd of Argentinas true metallers EYECTOR!!! if you are into true metal and want to tarde some stuff, just e mail me ,and we can share wanting and offers lists!!