Rui Martins

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I start to listen heavy metal in 1986 when i saw videoclips from Europe and Scorpions on the Portuguese TV. Since that moment i start to listen every types of HM, thrash, Death, Black, Doom, until this moment.

How and when did you become a collector?

I start to collect in 1993 when a get a full time job and have money to start to buy all my favorites bands. In the past i only tape trading with some good friends and one of the most unique experiences is when you buy your favorite record(s), don´t you agree? It´s a child feeling!

What kind of stuff do you collect?

We don´t have better support sound for listen "our" music.

Which styles do you collect?

My favorite style is Thrash Metal, but i listen every kinds of metal. Heavy metal is the law!

How big is your collection?

I have around 3000 itens, most of them vinyl. I also collect magazines, pins, videos, patchs, posters, etc... everything related to Heavy metal.

Where do you buy?

I buy in ebay, shops, fairs, concerts... and i don´t sell, if i have someting to share i give to my friends with out any doubt

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

For me SLAYER is everything! But i adore the German, Brazillian and Portuguese scene in the 80'. Top Five, after SLAYER of course, with no particular order:
Viper-Soldiers of Sunrise LP1987
Taurus-Signo de Taurus LP1986
Harppia-A Ferro e Fogo MLP1985
Korzus-Sonho Maniaco LP1987
Sepultura-Beneath the Remains LP1989

NZZN-Forte e Feio LP1982
Vasco da Gama-Vasco da Gama LP1983
Ibéria-Ibéria LP1988
Xarhanga-Great Goat EP1974
V12-V12 LP1990

Sodom-Persecution mania LP1987
Warlock-Hellbound LP1985
Iron Angel-Hellish Cross Fire
Tankard-Fat, Ugly & Live LP1991
Kreator-Pleasure to Kill Lp1986

Other albuns, because they are so many good albuns:
Hobb´s angel of Death-Hobb´s angel of Death LP1988
Dark Angel-Darkness Descends LP1986
Living Death-Metal Revolution LP1985
Heavy load-Death or Glory LP1982
Overkill-Taking Over LP1987
etc... My opinon is, if someone recorder an album this was a mark for a few or a lot of people!

Do you trade / buy / sell?

I´m interested to make good friendships with these metal maniacs all over the world. If you want to know anything about the portuguese scene, please contact. We had very good bands that don´t have the chance to arrive to your "collection" if do you want to listen please feel free to write

Any famous last words?

keep the Heavy Metal Faith, we are the solution for the next generation!