Salvatore Dellepiane

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E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I have listening metal only 7 years, and I start listen with classic thrash / heavy metal / nwobhm.

How and when did you become a collector?

Since I started listening caught my attention collect records, but recent 3 years ago I had money to go buy some records.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Vinyls, cheap CDs and some tapes

Which styles do you collect?

I'm into collecto some 7" from US , but I also have some nwobhm records, also I like Aor and melodic rock.

How big is your collection?

Now it is somewhat small, still I'm a younger and do not have much money.

Where do you buy?

Buy, local store, ebay and discogs. This is my want list, if anyone have anything please contact me.

BASHFUL - Bashful EP 1985
EMMY STRUT - Emmy Strut EP 1985
HAMMERON - Nothin To Do But Rock LP 1986
ION BRITTON - Eat Metal EP 1987
M.C. BLADE - Step Into The Light LP 1988
SHADOW - Iron Umbrella EP 1989
HARD 'N HEART - Innocent And Sinful EP 1986
SIRENS - The Twilight Zone LP 1990
THOR - El Pacto LP 1985

ABLAZE - Psychopath 1986 w/ps
AXXE - Rock Away The City 1978 w/ps
KRIMSON KROSS - Dogs of War 1984 no/ps
RELLIK - Looking For Something 1985 w/ps
STEEL VENGEANCE - Your Time Has Come 1984 w/ps
STARGAZER - We Start To Play Now 1986
DAB - L'ange de Lumière 1986
MISTREATED - Liberté 1984
RANDY - Shadows Are Falling 1986
CUERO Y METAL - La Venganza 1985

I have some record for trade so if anyone have please contact me. Thanks

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

No by value but one of my fav records:
Avenger - Blood Sports
Steel Vengeace - Call of the dogs
Fist - Back With a Vengeance
Battleaxe - Burn this town
Rat Attack - Rat Attack
obviously ignoring classic maiden, judas, metallica ... etc.

Any famous last words?