Ronald Van Oosterbos

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

At the age of 10 I bought my first LP (Queen-Jazz). This was the start for more LPs from this band and the interest in hardrock was born. Soon after Queen the stream of heavy metal bands followed by the beginning of 1984. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Dio and Saxon were the first experience for me in what became my way of living with listening to hard rock/metal. In 1984 (in retrospect the most interesting metal year!) I listened to some radio-shows on BRT2 (Belgian) and the Dutch broadcasting. Because the lack of music supply on the radio I soon was thrown back to purchase LPs only. After the big names the underground metal scene followed quickly with names like: Omen, Anvil, Savatage, Loudness, Ostrogoth, 220 Volt, Pretty Maids and Lizzy Borden. Now 24 years later my interest in metal music is still alive & kicking: I listen to hardrock and heavy metal music most of the time each day. Nowadays I purchase LPs and CDs quite often and read magazines with the latest releases as much as I can. A big help in picking up the good ones is the influence the band used to play. Influences like: Accept, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Scorpions, Rising Force and Riot are the mean sources (or the guiding line) for me to buy a LP/CD.

How and when did you become a collector?

I like to collect all kinds of hard music that affects me. It has been around 1995 when I start to collect picture discs. Among the nice coloured ones I developed a great interest in picture- and shaped discs from AZRA/Iron Works label. Most of these ones I bought later on Ebay. Besides the picture discs and shaped discs I collect Christian (white) metal stuff for quite some years (actually from 1992). The most wanted LPs I am now searching for are: Emerald (Armed for battle), Holy Danger (One Way) and Messiah (Going insane).

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I do collect all kinds of stuff. The important issue for me is to get the original copy from the album. It doesn't matter if it's a CD or Vinyl. I am not interested in rereleases when there's a real chance to buy the original one. So I prefer to get the original ones.

Which styles do you collect?

I collect all kinds of music, as long as it touches me. I do collect any style of hardrock/metal, varying from AOR, NWOBHM, black-, death-, power-, progressive-, thrash- to what's-the-name-of-metal. So it doesn't matter what's the style, as long as the music is good and it moves me.

How big is your collection?

Hard to say. I think our collection (together with my twin brother) contains almost 8000 LPs, singles, CDs and Picture & shaped discs.

Where do you buy?

Most of the CDs I buy in local recordstores in Den Haag (The Hague) and Amsterdam. Furthermore I buy CDs and records through mailorder-companies mostly in Germany and on Ebay.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

TOP 20 (Chronological in time/ date of release)

  1. Uriah Heep - Look at yourself (GB/1971)
  2. Judas Priest - Sad wings of destiny (GB/1977)
  3. Black Sabbath - Heaven and hell (GB/1980)
  4. Diamond Head - Lightning to the nations (GB/1980)
  5. Accept - Restless and wild (D/1982)
  6. Iron Maiden - The number of the beast (GB/1982)
  7. Trance - Break out (D/1982)
  8. Exciter - Heavy metal maniac (CAN/1983)
  9. Manilla Road - Crystal logic (USA/1983)
  10. Cirith Ungol - King of the dead (USA/1984)
  11. Omen - Battlecry (USA/1984)
  12. Tokyo Blade - Night of the blade (GB/1984)
  13. Silver Mountain - Universe (S/1985)
  14. Bloodgood - Detonation (USA/1986)
  15. Whiplash - Power and pain (USA/1986)
  16. King's X - Out of the silent planet (USA/1988)
  17. Tourniquet - Psycho surgery (USA/1991)
  18. Saviour Machine - Saviour machine (USA/1993)
  19. At The Gates - Slaughter of the soul (S/1995)
  20. Wuthering Heights - Far from the madding crowd (DK/2003) 

TOP 20 (chronology in time/Date of release)

  1. Cloven Hoof - Opening ritual (GB/1982) EP
  2. Cassle – Midnight fantasy (USA/1983)  two different square PD
  3. Jag Panzer - License to kill (USA/1984) clear test pr. *
  4. Sacred Rite - Sacred rite (USA/1984) white cover
  5. Warlord - and the cannons of destruction have begun (USA/1984) testpressing
  6. Der Kaiser - La griffe de l'empire (F/1985) testpressing
  7. Philadelphia - Search and destroy (USA/1985) LP
  8. Hammer Head - Forever rock (USA/1986) LP
  9. Malisha - Serve your savage beast (USA/1986) LP
  10. Smithworks – Covered in blood (USA/1986) LP
  11. Barnabas - Little foxes (USA/1987) testpressing
  12. Intruder - Cover up (USA/1987) uncut PD *
  13. Knightmare II - The edge of knight (USA/1987)clear test pr.*
  14. Liege Lord – Freedom’s rise (USA/1987) PD*
  15. Mersinary - Dead is dead (USA/1987)uncut PD
  16. Adramelch - Irae melanox (I/1988) LP
  17. Valor – Fight for your life (USA/1988) LP
  18. Tourniquet - Stop the bleeding (USA/1990) LP
  19. Antestor – Martyrium (N/2000) green LP
  20. Probot - Probot (USA/2003) Splatter LP

(*) indicates more collectible shaped - & picture discs in private collection

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Yes. I am interested in trading, selling and buying. Unnecessary to say it depends on the items (I like to have or like to trade).

Any famous last words?

If there's a life achievement award for the artist who means a lot for the metal (in general) and for me (in particular) I will nominate David T. Chastain for releasing -consistently- outstanding metal music throughout the years!