Erik Heylen

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I am a veterinarian that deals mainly with death, puke, vomit, diarrhea, blood and sperm.


Erik Heylen Curiestraat 22 1223 JX Hilversum Netherlands

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

In 1986 I listened to Dio's Holy Diver, and to this day I am mesmerized by this record. A few weeks later a friend of mine gave me a tape telling me that Dio was "a bit soft". The tape contained Mercyful Fate,Exciter and Celtic Frost. I actually still have the tape, although it has been eaten up by my deck several times... Ahhh the sentiment. Mercyful fate opened my eyes in technical beatiful metal, Exciter was pure rawness and Celtic Frost was soooo evil. I needed to hear more, and until now I try to hear something new each day...

How and when did you become a collector?

I do not call myself a collector, although many will disagree. I collect a few bands (Godflesh,Bolt Thrower, Tori Amos, Diamanda Galas, Saint Vitus), but not a genre or what so ever. I do not collect in the vein of each color or pressing or autographed stuff. I DO like music and want to hear new stuff as much as I can. Very little stuff stays longer than a few twists on my turntable.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I always liked vinyl more, but start to enjoy CD\'s aswell. The older stuff I want on vinyl. The newer, although more and more released on vinyl, I do not care anymore. The cheapest I guess, hahaha.

Which styles do you collect?

No, I am as broad as a 2 ton bitches ass. But(t), I must agree that the 80's thrash and 90's death metal is plenty in my collection. I like doom very much and buy everything releated to it... I am also a big fan of grind, but that scene is definately too f****ing big to obtain everything...But, DIY rules!!!!

How big is your collection?

I could answer not big enough, but that would bring trouble in little china I guess, hahaha. I have around 2500 LP's, a thousand CD's and around a thousand 7"'s, which I actually start to like more and more. Maybe they even will exceed my LP's soon

Where do you buy?

Everywhere and nowhere... But I must admit most of my collection is of record fairs (Utrecht has the biggest metal stand in the world! Twice a year!) and of a small independent second hand mailorder called Millennium Records. I have plenty of contacts with labels where I buy/trade the stuff directly off...I have a label called Badger records. In 2001 I released grindmonster's Agathocles "Bomb Brussels" LP in two versions, and now I released the Dutch doomband Officium Triste "Ne Vivam" LP in 5 different colours, each limited to 100 copies. And my most recent release was the Regurgitate/Suppository split LP limited to 500 copies. So trading has become a bit more easy! And ebay of course, but the real gems are better found with greater service on lists of great sellers like Karthago or Forgotten Steel. I just actually recently started buying 'gems', like Mysto Dysto or Blacklist or Vixen, to name a few.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

In no particular order, in no particular value of emotion or cash. This is of the moment and could change each day!!! :
- Dio "Holy Diver"
- Godflesh "Live From Hell"
- Grave "Anatomi..." MLP
- Nasum "Shift"(red vinyl version)
- Bolt Thrower "IVth Crusade"
- Vixen "Made In Hawaii" (blue vinyl)
- Agathocles "Bomb Brussels"(white vinyl and because it's my first own release)
- Welcome to Venice LP
- Neurosis "Eye Of The Storm"
- Funebre "Brainspoon" 7"

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Yes, drop me a line! I am desperately seeking the 7"'s of DR SHRINKER and XECUTIONER (pre-Obituary). If you have'em let me know! Have a look on my site to take a look at my collection!

Any famous last words?

Support the small labels! They actually rise outta the ground like mushrooms, but sometimes they are releasing extremely good stuff! Better than most pushed bands to reach the most buyers, where originality doesnt count anymore but just $$$ rules! DIY rules! Doom on!