Koushi Kawaguchi

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I'm working hard everyday to get Metal stuff


Koushi Kawaguchi Minamiku Minamino 3-207 457-0068 Nagoya, Aichi Japan

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Eh... I don't remember well but I suppose LED ZEPPELIN's "Immigrant Song" is my first listening to Heavy Metal music, then I was 8, 9 or 10... My father was often listening to it and I surely liked it. However, the most favorit song from ZEP is "Babe I'm gonna leave you".

How and when did you become a collector?

Sure, I couldn't buy anything on my own when I was 10 or so. I started to buy my records when I was 14 or 15, then I was already a collector! Cos I tend to collect whatever I want, if I have to pay the high cost for them. But I also liked to listen to the classical music then. I bought Frutwangler's or Toscanini's Beethoven and Muravinsky's Schostakovitch, so I used to listen to them again and again. Currently I am perfectly into Metal. I still have the classical music records but I hardly play them the past 10 years. I only collect Heavy Metal Records now. Why? Metal is there! That's all! I want to get every Metal stuff I don't own.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I collect vinyl, CD and tape but I especially prefer vinyl. Unfortunately, worthy vinyls are getting hard to find but I always do my best for finding vinyl records which I've never have yet.

Which styles do you collect?

I eager to own various Metal records but I don't feel any interests in Nu Metal, Gothic Metal, Industrial and other commercial shits. And I don't like recent symphonic bands much either. So I collect from LED ZEPPELIN to Death Metal but my most cocentration is for N. W. O. B. H. M. and '80s Heavy / Epic / Power / Thrash Metal stuff. However, I want to get records worldwide, so I don't ask "who, when and where" even if the band plays truly Heavy Metal!!

How big is your collection?

Hmm... I've already got more than 3700 vinyls, CDs and tapes. Soon they'll reach to 4000, but I don't collect to increase the number

Where do you buy?

Close Metal shop, second hand record shop, online shop, trade, etc. And I often go to rare vinyl shops far from my town. It takes 2 hours per one way. It's just like a trip

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

Tough to choose...
ANGUS - Track Of Doom LP
CLOVEN HOOF - A Sultans Ransom
DARK ANGEL - Darkness Descends LP
DRUID - Four Curses 7"
FUTURE TENSE - Condemned To The Gallow 12"
GRIM REAPER - Rock You To Hell LP
MANOWAR - Sign Of The Hammer LP
SATANIC RITES - Which Way The Wind Blows LP
TROJAN - Chasing The Storm LP
WOLF (Japan) - Same 12"
Not by monetary values, expenses are not so important. And these may be changed free by my feelings

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Sure, if I was asked for searching for Japanese LP or something, I'll try!

Any famous last words?

I have my website called "Heavy Metal Assault" created recently but it's not big thing yet, cos I exhibited it just 2 months ago. But if you're going to visit my young site, check it at http://hmassault.hoops.ne.jp. I have to add more of info & reviews in English.