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Vinyl, Cds and Books dealer. I've managed a leading collector record store in my city for over 12 years, and now i'm opening a new, larger one. I do this for job, but I'm still a collector too......


Stefano Coderoni Via Ettore Giovenale N. 4 I-00176 ROMA Italy

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

When I heard for the first time "Strange kind of woman" of Deep Purple I was totally blown away... I was just 9 years old, then I fell in love whit hard rock in the seventies until the first album of Iron Maiden.... I think I bought then every metal records I was able to purchase... I love Metal because of its inner strenght!

How and when did you become a collector?

I've been collecting since I was 14, I collect for my own pleasure; I didn't mind collecting is a way to develop our personality or a false selfish importance; I don't care about the "collectorBattles" of pure foolish predominance....

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I collect all Vinyl formats about every kind of Metal and Progressive first,as well as CDs,books,magazines and fanzines, I'm also collecting books and magazine and a lot of stuff in Horror and Sci-fi territory, but it's another story, I mean...

Which styles do you collect?

In metal field I prefer all Epic, Doom, Power stuff!!! I like this branch of metal because it is related to all my interests (Horror, esoterism, fantasy etc..).

How big is your collection?

I don't know the exact number, at about 25.000 vinyl pieces in all 5.000 Cds and thousand Magazines, Books.... Concerning only stuff related to pure Heavy Metal (Vinyl, CDs, Magazine and Books) I have at about 20.000 items

Where do you buy?

I get my records in MY Store first, selling and buying large collections and single pieces, and trade with friends, in stores, and conventions...

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

I Think the rarest and most valuables items I have, are in the Progressive field from the seventies, concerning the metal Stuff I don't want to mention any in particular; only stuff as VILLAIN, JAG PANZER - Ample destruction (red vinyl), MALEFICE, MORGANA, etc...

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Yes, of course..

Any famous last words?

I want to thank by heart Charly Kogler for introducing me in this ring, and all the people I'm in contact with...