Paolo Botta

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PAOLO BOTTA Milano (Italy)

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I listen to Heavy Metal music since 1986. Iron Maiden-Somewhere in time was my first Heavy Metal album that I bought. Also my father was a great music fan and in the '70s he bought the first hard Rock-Heavy Metal bands (Black Sabbath, Budgie,Geordie, Uriah Heep,Grand Funk and others).

How and when did you become a collector?

I collect Heavy Metal items since about 1988. I collect only the records that I like it. I do not collect the records only for the value. I collect Iron Maiden, NWOBHM, U.S. Metal and European Metal. The '80's Metal was the best.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I collect LP, 7", 12" and CD

Which styles do you collect?

NWOBHM (very important for all the '80s H.M. music), US Metal, European Metal... All the good Metal!!! Really I don't collect records only for the rarity, they must be also great records for the quality!

How big is your collection?

I have more that 2000 LP, 1000 singles and 1500 CD. Heavy Metal is my life

Where do you buy?

From private sellers and friends. Internet is a really great innovation. Also the record fairs in Italy and the Metalborse in Germany

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

By heart:
Iron Maiden-Piece of mind and all with Di Anno
Megadeth-rust in peace & so far, so good... so what!
Metallica- Ride the lightning
Brocas Helm - Into Battle
Exxplorer - Symphonies Of Steel
Manilla Road - First 5 albums
Cirith Ungol - frost And Fire
Mistreater - Hell's Fire
Saxon - Wheels Of Steel & Strong Arm Of The Law
Mercyful Fate - Melissa & Don't Break The Oath
Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Witchfynde - Give 'em Hell
Witchfinder General - All releases
Iron Cross - Church And State
Elixir - The Son Of Odin
Omen - The Curse & Battle Cry
Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction
Medieval Steel - Same
Medieval -Same
Running Wild - First 5 albums
Grave Digger - HM Breakdown / Tunes of War
Accept - Restless and Wild
Virgin Steele - all until Invictus
Savatage- all until Edge of Thorn
Candlemass -Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus & Nightfall
Rage - Black In Mind & End of all Days
Jaguar - Power Games
Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium & Morbid Tales
and many others, a very long list (Satan, Cloven Hoof, Omega (UK), Sortilege, Tank, Lord Weird, Mythra, Trespass, Doomsword, Battleroar, Legend, Dark Quarterer, Strana Officina, Warlock, Anvil)

By Value (but not only!):

US Metal / World Metal:
Ashbury - endless skies LP
Avatar - City Beneath the Surface 7" p/s (original PAR)
Breaker - In Days Of H.M. EP
Cassle - same EP original test pressing
Commander - High and Mighty LP
Dark Starr - same EP
Decoy Paris - Love on the Run LP
Dragonne - On Dragon Wings 12"
Emerald - Armed for Battle LP
Emmy Strut - same EP
Esp - the future is now LP
Explorer - symphonies of steel LP HHH records with insert
Hammerwitch - return to salem LP
Heathen's Rage - Same EP
Image - Same EP (signed on back)
Ion Britton - Eat Metal EP
Killen - Same LP
Legend - from the fjords LP with insert
Leather Nunn - Take The Night LP
Liege Lord - warrior's farewell 7" shaped picture disc
Lips - Hard and Heavy LP
Messiah - Final Warning LP
Minotaur - burner 7"
Mistreater - Hell's Fire LP
Motley Crue - stick to your guns 7" p/s -Original 1st press
Salem's Wych - betrayer of kings LP
Satan's Host - metal from Hell LP original red vinyl with inner
Savatage - Sirens LP Blue vinyl on Par signed by all (inc. Chris)
Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill LP with insert
Taist of Iron - resurrection LP
Thatcher - destined to conquer LP
Tyrant's Reign - Year of the Tyrant LP
Valhalla - same EP
Valor - Fight For Your Life LP
Villain - Only Time Will Tell LP
White Hott - Angel in leather LP
Winterhawk - Revival LP
Wyzard - Knights of Metal LP
Xcel - deliver this dream LP
X-Caliber - Warrior Of The Night LP
Zen Venom - Zen Venom EP

Maiden Rarities:
Soundhouse Tapes 7"
Original Maiden Japan 12"
Original Venezuela Where Eagles Dare 7"
promo Seventh Son... Original Italian picture disc with all the inserts
Wrathchild 7"promo edition, issued only in Japan
Maiden Mania 5x12" Greek Box
Two Minutes to.../ Aces High 7" Peruvian promo in company sleeve
Running Free 7" One sided DJ edition in black sleeve (EM 5219 DJ)

Kent Rocks sampler LP ORIGINAL with heavy paper insert original
Baseline - Suspended Animation 7" p/s
Beg to differ - the singer and the artist 7" p/s
Charger - Desperadoes 7" p/s signed on back
Clientelle - Destination Unknown LP
Cloven Hoof - The Opening Ritual 12"
Demolition - Hooker Hater 7" p/s
Diamond Head - white label LP fully signed white sleeve
Dragonfly - Dragonfly EP 7" p/s
Dragonslayer - I Want Your Life 7"
Elixir - Treachery 7" p/s and insert
Genghis Khan - double dealin' 2x7" p/s; original with printed label
Hell - Save Us From Who... 7"
Hellanbach - Out To Get You 7" p/s
Hollow Ground - Flying High 7" p/s
Lady jane - The Sheer Power of... 7" with original insert and copied sleeve
Lotus Cruise - Billy's Got A Gun 7"
Marquis De Sade - Somewhere Up In The... 7" Copied sleeve
Marz - Lady Of The Night 7" p/s with badge
Overdrive - On The Run 7" p/s
Persian Risk - Calling For You 7" p/s
Praying Mantis - Captured City 7" p/s
Prowler - Forgotten Angel 7" p/s
Radium - Through The Smoke 7" p/s
Satan - Kiss Of Death 7" p/s
Scorched Earth - tomorrow never comes 12" Black sleeve
Shock Treatment - The Mugger 7" p/s
Stormqueen - Come Silent the World 7"
Tracer- chanelled aggression 7" p/s
Triarchy - save the khan 7" p/s
Truffle - Round Tower 7" p/s signed on back
Urchin - black leather fantasy 7"
Urchin - she's a roller 7" p/s
Warrior - Let Battle Commence LP
White Heat - Soldier Of Fortune 7" p/s
Wikkyd Vikker - black of the night 7"

European Metal:
220 Volt - Prisoner of War 7" p/s Original numbered and signed
Alien Force - Hell And High Water LP
Auroch - same EP
Axton Pryte - the Lab LP
Berserks - same LP
Brainfever - capture the night 7" p/s with sticker
Damocles - l'Ile aux diamants 7" p/s
Death SS - evil metal 7" p/s
Drysill - Welcome to the show LP
Headstone - excalibur LP with insert
Heavy Load - Full Speed At High Level LP with insert
Mana Mana - Totuus Pala LP
Mordor - Metal LP
Nightreaper - heroes die young 7" p/s
Palass - Queen of the world LP
Sacrifice - Street Fighter 7" p/s
Scratch - Before the Rain/Metal Breaker 7" p/s
Thunder - all I want 7" p/s
Treasure - women in black 7" p/s
Turbo - Nattens Barn 7" p/s
Vanguard - V 12"

Do you trade / buy / sell?

YES! Of course ! I'm intersted in trade and sell records. I have for the moment a little, poor sale list. But I'm searching many items ( if you contact me an answer is sure!!)

Any famous last words?

I add only a thing: A big hello to my real Metal friends; Mario (the biggest NWOBHM collector) and Elena. Thanks for all, Count Marius! And a big hello to my great German friends (not in particular order, all are very great) : Peter Daub, Claus Dette & Jorg, Roman Greindl, Stefan Riermaier, Heiko Zimmermann & Chrissy, Steffen Bohm, Andi Preisig, Gerrit Mutz and Ralf, Sasha, Jurgen and all at Hellion, Ralf Renzenbrink. Thanks to all for the great moment I had (and I'll have) in Germany.