Mario Corbella

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E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I listen to heavy metal music since 1986, just after I saw "Trick or Treat" movie, found the soundtrack by Fastway and then discovered Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath, Kiss, AC/DC, Judas Priest, the NWOBHM scene I love so much, and the speed/thrash metal movement at its 'top' in those years with bands like Anthrax, Medieval, Xentrix, Tankard, Celtic Frost, Metal Church, Carnivore, Metallica (sure, of the Mustaine/Burton' era) and so on... I also love doom bands like St.Vitus, Pentagram and the 90s' great P.Steele' Type O Negative.

How and when did you become a collector?

I collect heavy metal items since about 1990, but just trying to find out rare items by bands whose music I really love. I don't like to collect records spending obscene amounts of money just because they're "rare" for the masses.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Mainly NWOBHM, but also US Metal and European 7"s and demotapes

Which styles do you collect?

Yes, NWOBHM !!! The greatest and purest (in terms of youthness and spontaneousness) heavy rock movement that changed my life.

How big is your collection?

Not so big: about 500 rarities of mine including LPs', 7", original demotapes... But also spare other 3,000 titles with a long time metal-brother (Paolo "Dr.H" - hail!).

Where do you buy?

From private sellers, auctions, friends

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

STORMCHILD: rockin steady (7"+signed ps)
LAUTREC: mean gasoline (7"+signed tourbook)
MARQUIS DE SADE: black angel (7"+ps and insert)
TRACER: chanelled agression (7"+ps)
PHYNE THANQUZ: into the sun (7"+ps)
VALHALLA: lightning in the sky (7")
TITAN: east wind, west wind (7"+ signed paper sleeve)
SHOCK TREATMENT: the mugger (7"+ps)
BIG DAISY: footprints on the water (7"+ps)
NEON SPIRIT: loser (7")
STORMQUEEN: come silent the world (7"+signed paper sleeve)
VARDIS: 100 m.p.h. (7"+ps) Redball Records
JODY ST.: granny did it (7")
DEMOLITION: hooker hater (7"+ps and promo sticker)
LADY JANE: the sheer power of rock (7"+ps and poster)
JUNO'S CLAW: barbara (7")
TYRANT: hold back the lightning (7")
S.Y.Z.: rock n roll children (7")
SAPPHIRE: jealousy (7"+ps)
CHARGER: desperadoes (7"+ps and poster)
SPEED: man in the street (7"+insert and fully signed paper sleeve)
LONE WOLF: cash for candy (7"+signed ps)
IRON MAIDEN: the soundhouse tapes (7"+ps)
DEF LEPPARD: the def leppard ep (7"+ps and insert)
HOLLOW GROUND: flying High (7"+ps)
HELLANBACH: out to get you (7"+ps)
HIGH TREASON: saturday nigh special (7"+ps)
MIDAS: can't stop loving you now (7"+ps)
URCHIN: black leather fantasy (7"+promo textured ps)
BOLLWEEVIL: rock solid (7"+ps)
BEG TO DIFFER: the singer and the artist (7"+poster sleeve)
SUSPECT: working it out (7"+ps)
ANTHEM: england (7"+ps)
STEVE CROWTHER BAND: red herring (7")
BASELINE: suspended animation (7"+ps)
CAMARGUE: howl of the pack (7"+ps)
CLIENTELLE: can't forget (7"+signed ps)
DRAGONFLY: the dragonfly ep (7"+ps)
DRAGONSLAYER: I want your life (7"+insert, no sticker on label)
GENGHIS KHAN: double dealin' (2x7"+ps, original printed labels issue)
MARZ: lady of the night (7"+ps, badge, signed paper inner and photos)
OVERDRIVE: on the run (7"+ps signed insied - one of the first 25 pressed)
RADIUM: throgh the smoke (7"+ps)
SCORPIO: taking england by storm (7")
MASTERSTROKE: prisoner of love (7")
FALLOUT: rock hard (7"+ps)

...and many more (Mythra signed, Stagefright signed, Reincarnate, Dutchess, Satan, Virtue, White Heat, Wikkyd Vikker, ARC, Apocalypse, Salem, BleakHouse, Blitzkrieg, Dawn Trader, Crucifixion, Hazzard, Hell, Meanstreak, Slowtrain, Sweet Savage, Rokka white label, Truffle, Virtue, JJ's Powerhouse....and so on)

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Yes, sure!! I'm interested in demo tape-trading and I also got a list of vinyl to trade. Feel free to write a line to me ;)

Any famous last words?

Mythra is the greatest metal band of all time!!!!