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Designer (now), English teacher in Asia (before). I'm from Prato-Italy although I share my existance between Italy and Thailand or Taiwan.


FILIPPO TATTINI Via Andrea Costa n. 39 59012 PRATO - ITALY

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Mmm, it's almost 16 years. I began with some Iron Maiden and Death SS stuff I borrowed from a friend. At that time my classmates and friends used to listen shitty disco and commercial music. One day, a friend of mine gave me these Iron Maiden tapes and i was literally amazed. Then, I made the "big strike" few months later, when my classmate introduced me his collection. He had almost EVERYTHING!!!

How and when did you become a collector?

Mmm, I became a collector as soon as I listened Heavy Metal for my very first time. Of course, being just 14 years old and quite broken, I couldn't afford many LPs or CDs. Later on, I started saving my money to "invest" 'em all in music! Why do I collect metal? Just because it's such a disease: I MUST have everything, the most rare and obscure the better is. I used to collect LPs and EPs as well, but now I concentrate more on CDs. I know... it's such an "offense" to other serious collectors, but years are passed by and I'm still a broken collector! :-)

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Mostly cd's. I collect any kind of metal (Power, Speed, Epic, Doom, Thrash, Death, Grind) released before 1988. I have over 1,800 metal CDs (99% of which are albums released before 1988), plus countless CD-R loaded with tons of rare stuff never released on a official CD. I have a hundred of vinyls as well, but they are just for "exhibition" (you can see but you can't touch), because my turntable is broken since eons. I am also into punk and hardcore, and I own over 2,000 CDs plus zillion of MP3 on CD-R...

Which styles do you collect?

Well, actually I really love NWoBHM. This is the backbone of the modern metal music, man... I think NWoBHM is a pure concentrate of class, melody, fantasy, passion and energy. You can't compare any british band with american ones! I also like Thrash and Speed metal, the "classic" one from mid 80s... while I "just" appreciate american Power and Shred metal...

How big is your collection?

Er... my mother says that if I didn't spend that much money into music, now I'd be 100 times richer. I don't know... I own about 4000 original CDs (1800 Metal, and about 2000 Punk/HC), plus "only" a hundred of vinyls and lots of CD-R... When I'll get retired I'll sit down and start counting them :-)

Where do you buy?

Mmm, a collector NEVER sells his records. Well, actually I did in some cases, but it's always painful. I buy CDs and otrher stuff online. There are plenty of online record shops, with FAIR prices, and a good selection of material. Also eBay is a good source for rare stuff. I am not into trading (perhaps, i am not YET) coz I often leave Italy, so I have no time to trade stuff. Another good way to get rare stuff is internet where I can share or find rare stuff hardly available elsewhere.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

Er.... this list is subject to change often. Anyway, here is my top 10 by value (CD only):
-HIRAX: Not dead yet
-DETENTE: Recognize no authority
-ACCUSED: Return of Martha Splatterhead
-MESSIAH FORCE: The last day
-S.D.I. - Satan's defloration Inc.
-MANIAC: Same (NOT the bootleg!)
-MANIAC: Look Out (same as above)
-KUBLAI KHAN: Annihilation (the recent reissue on Exit One Recs.)
-MAINEEAXE: Going for gold slimline series
-almost all the cds on Roadrunner Price Killer Series

By heart:
-Too many! Say... NWoBHM in general!

Do you trade / buy / sell?

I may trade some stuff...

Any famous last words?

I am not good to utter "famous last words". OK, just one... "Ale' Viola..."