David Toth

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David Toth 6021 Old Court RD #1108 Boca Raton, FL 33433 USA (I do not live in Hungary anymore)

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Ever since I was a young boy I grew up with listening to different style of music always rock from the 70s and 80s and a little 90s. This was not what I wanted just what my parents had around. However in 1999, when I was in middle school this kid about 2 years older than me commented on a shirt of mine and I started a conversation with him. He was the one who turned me into heavy metal and made me the person who I am today. He introduced me to Savatage, Loudness, Maiden, and Megadeth and I owe everything to him for the Savatage part. I forever owe tribute to him for that. After hearing all these bands, I craved more and more and more! I have never stopped. Metal Reigns stronger than anyforce in this world \m/

How and when did you become a collector?

I have been collecting ever since I got into metal. I wanted to aquire as much heavy metal as I could get my hands on. over 4 or 5 yrs ago I started bootleg trading manly for Savatage stuff (which was the biggest section on my list with about 180 live shows) and 40 or so VHS from them. I have stopped the bootleg trading a few years ago due to lack of money and time. It consumed alot of both.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I enjoy collecting Vinyl, CD, Tapes, Shirts, anything metal!!

Which styles do you collect?

Not religious. I love alot of differnt types of metal but not each the same. My favorite of all time would def be the 80s True Heavy Metal. Those killer riffs that no one can seem to create anymore and the feeling you get when you listen to these releases is undescribeable. I have always been into music from my home country HUNGARY (I live in the US now) but lately I have been turned onto many killer True Metal bands singing in different languages which I enjoy very very much such as MURO, Angeles del infierno (whom I have known for a while as well as Rata Blanca), Obus, Kreyson!!!, many more! I enjoy powermetal very much for I love melody and lots of the powermetal is where True Metal left off at. It is very very \m/! Old school thrash is killer as well!! Progressive Metal I do enjoy as well! As much as I like the generic HEAVY METAL, SPEED, POWER, I do like the technical aspect of many different bands. What makes me more excited is when I found out about lots of obscure metal bands from the 80s that are say Thrash, and incorporate lots of cool technicality into their music. When it comes to Death Metal, it is only a handful I care for. Bands like Death, Athiest, Cynic, Sceptic, and even less of a handful of melodic death metal bands which are fun because like i said I LOVE melody! Black metal I enjoy Borknagar, Dissection, Immortal, and some others. I have really been getting into VIKING/PAGAN/FOLK metal which is so cool! WINDIR, TURISAS, MOONSORROW, BAL SAGOTH!! \m/

How big is your collection?

I collect all sorts of things. I do have more cds than anything, a few hundred. I have like 100 savatage cds for the fact I am so into them. However these days I am not that crazy as I was about them collecting wise because I have mostly everything that I can think of. I have 60+ vinyls and I concentrate when I buy vinyls on the rare ones

Where do you buy?

Now that I live in Florida, there really isn't anywhere to find things I like. I always went on Ebay, or different mail order sites. I very much enjoy buying lots of cool metal titles. I try not selling many records because first of all I sold everything I didnt really like so I dont really buy anything that I do not think I would care for (obviously) but I still do enjoy at the same time picking up something that has a killer cover to it and trying it out. Now if I dont really like something as much but can still tolerate it and is from the 80s, I feel that it does have it's own special qualities to it and most likely I would not sell it even if I didnt like it as much as I do something else.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

This is a very tough one! Here are the Vinyls By Value + Heart I have to say
Avatar (pre Savatage) - City Beneath the Surface (autographed by all the members of that era)
Savatage - Sirens original cover on PAR records. Black Vinyl (not the ever rarer Blue Vinyl) R.I.P Criss M. Oliva (my fav guitarist)
Death - The Final Gigs ( Yellow Vinyl)
Kreyson - Andel Na Uteku (Czech Version)
Kreyson - Angel on the Run (English Version)
Kreyson - Krizaci (Czech Version)

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Well I do not really have much to trade. I will put together a full list of DVD bootlegs / VHS ones I have. An updated list that is. When I do not know. Also will include the audio bootlegs I have. But as far as trading anything that is not a copy I do not have much but I will look. I will trade bootlegs for shirts, or anything really that I find really cool in someone's list.

Any famous last words?

The Glory of Metál is Eternal!! Never shall Metal fall!!! Long Live the 80s!!!