Vaggelis Diamantis

Date of birth:





Parnassou&Tymfristou,35100,Lamia, Greece

E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I started listening to Heavy Metal since 1997 when i stole a Manowar-Triumph Of Steel tape from a lame neighbour of mine who thinked Metal was shit.At that time i got many cassetes from my uncle /friends like Accept,Slayer,Ozzy,Bruce Dickinson,Tokyo Blade,Iron Maiden,Saxon,Black Sabbath etc. and my journey to metal beginned.Who inspired me to start?Just my huge curiosity about Slayer,Iron Maiden,Manowar logos on T-shirts or drawed on Walls which i sawed daily.

How and when did you become a collector?

Since March 2001 when i read a special about obscure 80's US Metal In the Metal Invader magazine.It was strange for me too see such obscure bands for the first time.So i wanted to hear them desperately and that was the start to discover lesser known treasures from the 80's.Me collector?No collecting is for stamps not Heavy Metal.Don't care how rare/pricey it is,i just have a MANIA for 80's Metal that's all.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Don't care really.The music matters only.There are albums i have in all formats.

Which styles do you collect?

Everything Hard Rock-Thrash from 1982-1990 is appeal to me. I collect the most stuff especially by the countries :Austria,Germany,Sweden,Norway,Denmark Why?For many reasons which can't or are better not to be anylized.

How big is your collection?

About 1000 Cds,100 LPs,250 Tapes,300 Magazines,50 Metal VHS/DVDs.And it is growing...

Where do you buy?

In shops in Athens mainly.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

No order: I guess this list is quite representative of how i like my HM
2)TYRANT-Ruling The World
3)GRAVESTONE-Back To Attack
4)STORMWITCH-Stronger Than Heaven
5)STORMWAVE-Heroes Of The Night
7)CANDLEMASS-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
8)ADRAMELCH-Irae Melanox
9)EQUINOX OV THE GODS-Images Of Forgotten Memories
10)SLAYER-Show No Mercy
11)MERCYFUL FATE-Don't Break The Oath
12)THUNDERWAY-Order Executors
13)CREDO-Paying For Everything
14)VAMMPYR-Cry Out For Metal
15)WALLOP-Metallic Alps
17)BLACK HOLE-Land Of Mystery
19)HEAVENS GATE-In Control
20)TOKYO BLADE-Night Of The Blade
21)ARTCH-Another Return
22)MADISON-Diamond Mistress
24)WITCH CROSS-Fit For Fight
25)TAROT-Spell Of Iron
26)TURBO-Kawaleria Szatana
27)MANOWAR-Into Glory Ride
28)MANILLA ROAD-Crystal Logic
29)CIRITH UNGOL-King Of The Dead
30)MESSIAH-Final Warning
31)RAZOR-Evil Invaders
32)STRYPER-Soldiers Under Command
34)MÖTLEY CRÜE-Shout At The Devil
35)IRON MAIDEN-Somewhere In Time
38)VENDETTA-Brain Damage
39)METALLICA-Ride The Lightning
40)SODOM-Persecution Mania
41)KREATOR-Extreme Aggression
42)DESTRUCTION-Infernal Overkill
43)JUDAS PRIEST-Defenders Of The Faith
44)HEAVY LOAD-Death Or Glory
45)ACCEPT-Restless And Wild
47)HELLOWEEN-Walls Of Jericho
48)RUNNING WILD-Death Or Glory
49)SAVATAGE-Hall Of The Mountain King
50)CRIMSON GLORY-Transcendence

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Trading:Yes but only CDR trading I don't sell.I guess i am only metal consumer.

Any famous last words?

German/Austrian Metal Forever!!