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Just not to loose this night hanging around. Traveller of professions


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E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

About 20 really crazy years. It was the "Powerslave" Cover, the ultimate magnet. So MAIDEN is my eternal passion and the great MANOWAR is following...

How and when did you become a collector?

I can't describe myself as a collector. I am an addicted Metalhead! Metal way of life is above everything. Honour, friendship, truth and Metal are the only ways. No material point of view.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Everything it carries angry and wild Metal. I will be banging my head until the end!

Which styles do you collect?

Especially classic, epic, power, death, progressive and real doom. Stoner and nu = no Metal are not allowed!

How big is your collection?

Thousands of items (vinyls, tapes, CD and CDRs, hundreds of original demo copies included). Oh, I gorgot, and some DVDs and VHS tapes, but nothing special.

Where do you buy?

Mainly from friendly underground mailorder.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

Too lot to mention (the only value is in heart).

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Not selling or buying. I prefer to give something for free than sails... burn the money at all. Only Metal is forever. Trade is allright.

Any famous last words?