Manos Koufakis

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Steel Conjuring Magazine / Metal Invader Magazine c/o Manos Koufakis Sokratus 37 12462 Dasos Haidariou Athens, Greece Fax: (0030) - 1 - 5813807

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I listen to heavy metal since 1989. I was inspired by my cousin who now listens to Gothic rock! :)

How and when did you become a collector?

I collect records and stuff since 1994. I'm into obscure stuff since 1996. I'm into deep shit now.... The reason why I collect is simple. For prestige and glory!

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Everything, but mainly U.S. metal and European metal. I'm only interested in LP's, EP's and 7'' singles. I don't care for pic-discs, colored vinyls,flexis,shaped stuff and that kind of shit

Which styles do you collect?

I die for Epic Metal. Everything under that description MUST BE OBTAINED!

How big is your collection?

2000+ LP's, 200 7'' singles, 1500 CD's, lots of demos!

Where do you buy?

Mainly through the Internet and trading with other sick persons like me. Also, I track down heavy metal bands and get records from them. But some bastards think that they own the exclusive right to find heavy metal bands and don't want any other persons involved so that they can find U.S./European bands, buy big quantity for very cheap and then sell that stuff to people for big $$$'s. I WILL KEEP MESSING AROUND, 'causing headache to those who consider themselves to be the BIG BOSSES in rare heavy metal.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

2.GRAVEN IMAGE "People In Hell Want Ice Water"
3.LIPS "Hard N' Heavy"
4.JOE STEP "Sacrifice"
5.ARMAGEDDON "Rev. 16:16"
6.LUST "We'll Never Die"
7.ANGEL OF MERCY "The Avatar"
8.INHERENT SIN "Children Of The Night"
9.WINTERHAWK "Revival"
10.Dan Jeffrie's CENTURY "Same"

Do you trade / buy / sell?

I don't really like selling records at huge prices. I'm mostly interested in trading. This is what I consider to be the most fair way for everyone.

Any famous last words?

I just started a record label with my buddy CHRIS PAPADATOS. We just put out our first release, the re-issue of the legendary VALHALLA from PA on CD limited to 1000 copies! You should check this out guys! Our next releases will be the Greek NEMESIS in limited edition vinyl (one of the best bands of all time) and an all Greek heavy metal compilation on vinyl that will blow your heads away! Also, a note to all the collectors who care more about rare shit than good music: There's a bunch of total crap out there that some of you like simply because it is rare. 70% of the rare stuff is TOTAL CRAP. I prefer taping stuff and getting demos than paying $$$ to obtain super mega rare LP's that will probably never play on my turntable. Besides, there are so many great albums coming out on CD every year that people seem to overlook just because they're not rare yet, but in a few years, they will be after them as soon as some asshole dealer decides they're rare. FUCK YOU! Heavy Metal is more than a daily record fair. It's not all about plastic and paper. It's music from the heart!