George Arvanitakis


i work as a technical support to a major bank


George Arvanitakis P.O.Box 75262 17610 Kallithea Athens Greece

E-Mail address:


Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I am listening to heavy metal since 1987. the record that inspired me to listen to that music was Killers and Live after death by Iron Maiden.

How and when did you become a collector?

I am a collector from 1990. I love to collect mainly 7'' singles because it makes me happy to see them

What kind of stuff do you collect?

90% nwobhm music (especially 7'' singles), 5% some american and hard rock bands and the other 5% raw underground black metal.

Which styles do you collect?

Yes i love nwobhm and i only collect nwobhm fanatic. To me it is the best music and all the other genres have lot of influences from nwobhm.

How big is your collection?

Around 1000 Lps, 600 7'', 500 cds

Where do you buy?

Mainly from trades, internet and from record fairs.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

Def Leppard - First Strike
Dragonfly - Dragonfly ep 7''
Big Daisy - Footsteps on the water
Twisted Nervez - 7''
Thunder Rider - Tales... Lp
Praying Mantis - Captured city 7'' with p/s
Judas Iscariot - Ditant in a solitary night Lp limited to 100 numbered copies
Absurd - Asgardsrei Lp
Spitfire - Wind it up girl 7''
Goldsmith - Life is killing me CD

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Yes i mainly interested in trade but i also have no problem to buy records especially if someone has a p/s copy of Dragonslayer 7". I have recently created a small record label called Obscure Nwobhm Releases and my first release is the Charlie Ungry cd. Check on the web page for more info or distro/trades!

Any famous last words?

If you have something from the nwobhm era that you wanna sell (always on normal prices) send me an e-mail first. if you collect black metal records and you are searching for something just ask it from me, i can find them all!!!