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Forgotten Steel & Metalpage, but both not for a living

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

With an age of 14 a friend recorded me a tape with tracks of MANOWAR (Fighting the World) and WASP, that was pretty much how it all started. Little later I heard KREATOR (and hated it, it was pure noise to me back than, ha ha) and I saw a video with WENDY O WILLIAMS (It's My Life), WARRIOR (Fighting for the Earth) and others, from than on I was completely lost. I bought my first record (WARRIOR - I still worship their debut) and visited local record-fairs, started buying magazines and zines...

How and when did you become a collector?

From the very beginning on. Some of the first records I ever bought included LIEGE LORD (Freedoms Rise), WARLORD (Cannons of Destruction), CANDLEMASS (Ancient Dreams), OMEN (Warning of Danger), the covers caught my attention, when I listened to those LPs for the first time, the earth stopped rotating and I was lost in the spell of true HEAVY METAL, nothing was the same anymore, I found something I knew would be with me for the rest of my life... I never was interested in the "mainstream" Metal Bands like METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, instead I ordered demos or private pressings from small bands, visited lots of (mostly local) concerts and I started to dig into the glorious 80ies, there was so much waiting to be found, so much treasures to be unearthed... It's getting close to 2 decades now, and there are STILL so many great records from the that era that wait to be discovered!! Today it may be a little easier to get the infos, thru the internet and the collectors scene, but it is still the same magic as it was back than, to put an obscure, unknown record on the player for the first time. Well, sometimes it's a disappointment of course, but sometimes it just blows you away...

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Vinyl!!! The Spirit of vinyl always called to me the loudest... I like to collect old demo tapes and zines, too, and occasionally CDs, but not as maniacal.

Which styles do you collect?

80ies Metal, from Heavy to Thrash! Most of my alltime-classics are Power Metal/Melodic Speed/Epic/Obscure Metal though. I like some melodic bands, and some black/death metal as well, but not that many...

How big is your collection?

About 2.500 LPs, 150 Singles, 900 CDs, 300 Demos, lots of old zines... It's not that big, but I only keep what I like, be it for the music, the cover, the lyrics, the rarity, whatever...

Where do you buy?

From all over the world, thru internet, I hunt for records when I am on vacation, I visit 2nd hand stores, I trade with other collectors...

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

Angel of Mercy - The Avatar US LP
Anthracite - Plus Precieux Que L'Or (copied Cover) FRA LP
Asmodina - Headbanger GER 12"
Aspid - Oscure Relexion SPA MLP
Breeze Least - Same JAP LP
Excess - The Fatal Touch FRA LP
Hammeron - Nothing to do but Rock US LP
Leather Nunn - Take the Night US LP
Odyssey (South Africa) - Same SA LP
Pharao - Bad boys from East GER/ITA LP
Raven Bitch - Tear down the Walls US LP
Redeemer - The Light is Struck AUS LP
Rose Bayonet - Leather and Chains NZ LP
Satans Host - Metal from Hell Red Vinyl (Orig.) US LP
Slander - Careless talk casts Lives UK LP
Solar Eagle - Same CAN MLP
Street Child - Same 12"
Stonehenge - Wings of Steel NZ 12"
Tyrant - Breaking Out NZ 12"
Wild Pussy - Mechanarchy UK MLP
Wirus - 1902 ITA MLP
Wyzard - Knights of Metal US 12"
Zephyr - The Last Dawn Promo-only ITA LP


Aragon - Don't bring the Rain LP
Bezerker - Lost LP
Fatal Array - Battle Cry 7"
Frozen Doberman - Dying Phase MLP
Lightforce - Mystical Thieves LP
Nothing Sacred - Let us Prey LP
Rampage - Veil of Mourn LP
Redeemer - Light is Struck LP
Renegade - Total Armageddon LP
Zen Venom - From another Planet 12"

AUSTRIA (Top 10)
Blowin Free - Out there in the black 12"
Gallows Pole - In Rock we trust LP
Innocence - Same LP
Maniac - Look Out LP
Maniac - Same LP
Mortician - Break the Rules Demo
Mortician - No War 12"
No Bros - Calvary of Evil LP
Speed Limit - Unchained LP
U8 - The Shaber LP

BELGIUM (Top 10)
Acid - Same LP
Bad Lizard - Power of Destruction LP
Breathless - Same LP
Cyclone - Inferior to None LP
Drakkar - X-Rated LP
Hands of Mercy - Handy of Mercy LP
Ostrogoth - Full Moons Eyes MLP
Pallas - Queen of the World LP
Ritual - Same MLP
Trail - Scream for Mercy LP

BRAZIL (Top 10)
Acid Storm - Biotronic Genesis MLP
Anthares - No Limite da Forca LP
Corina De Ferro - Temple of Darkness LP
Mammoth - Possesso/Apocalipse 7"
Orchidea Negra - Who's dead LP
Shock - Heavy Metal we Salute You MLP
Viper - Soldiers of Sunrise LP
Vodu - Seeds of Destruction LP
Witchhammer - Mirror my Mirror LP
Zona Morta - Nomades LP

CANADA (Top 10)
Annihilator - Alice in Hell LP
Anvil - Forged in Fire LP
Days of Yore - Mad Gods Wage CD
Exciter - The dark Command LP
Infernal Majesty - None shall Defy LP
Lord Ryur - Pact with the Sinner 7"
Messiah Force - The last Day LP
Sacred Blade - Of the Sun and Moon LP
Voivod - The outer Limits CD
Wikka - Same MLP

DENMARK (Top 10)
Alien Force - Pain and Pleasure LP
Artillery - By Inheritance LP
Damnatory - The Madness never Ends LP
Evil - Evils Message 12"
Force Majeur - Same Demo
Jackal - Rise MLP
L.A. - Same LP
Mercyful Fate - Don't break the Oath LP
Power Unit - Time Chaser LP
Witchcross - Fit for Fight LP

ENGLAND (Top 15)
Arc - War of the Ring 7"
Axegrinder - Rise of the Serpent Men LP
Cloven Hoof - A Sultans Ransom LP
Deep Switch - Nine Inches of God LP
Deliverance - The Book of Lies LP
Demon - Taking the World by Strom LP
Elixir - The Son of Odin LP
Incubus - To the Devil A Daughter LP
Masque - The dead of Night MLP
Omega - The Prophet LP
Pariah - Blaze of Obscurity LP
Sabbat - History of a time to Come LP
Slander - Careless Talk casts Lives LP
Traitors Gate - Devil Takes the High Road 12"
Wild Pussy - Mechanarchy MLP

FINLAND (Top 10)
Defier - Overture of Annihilation 12"
Dethrone - Powermad 7"
Hiroshima - Taste of Death LP
Judgement - Rapist Hits Demo
Loud Crowd - Guardians LP
Outburst - Lonely Night 7"
Pegasos - A night in the Cold World 12"
Statue - Comes to Life LP
Steel Frog - Face of Fear 7"
Warmath - Damnation Play LP

FRANCE (Top 10)
ADX - Suprematie LP
Axton Pryte - The Lab LP
Damocles - L'ile aux Diamants 7"
Excess - Melting Point LP
Lone Wolf - Holy Evil 7"
Lust - We'll never Die LP
Medusa - Dream Machine CD
Ponce Pilate - Les Enfants du Cimetiere LP
Shelder - God of Vikings LP
Venin - Same 12"

GERMANY (Top 20)
Airwolf - Victory Bells LP
Asmodina - Headbanger 12"
Blind Guardian - Tales from the Twilight World LP
Brainfever - Capture the Night LP
Darkness - Conclusion & Revival LP
Deadly Sin - Screams and Thunder 7"
Defender - A Symbol of Devotion LP
Grinder - Dead End LP
Headstone - Excalibur LP
Heavens Gate - In Control LP
Kreator - Coma of Souls LP
Living Death - Worlds Neurosis LP
Nightprowler - Attention 12"
Paradox - Heresy CD
Poison Asp - Beyond the Walls of Sleep LP
Pyracanda - Two sides of a coin LP
Rage - Secrets in a Weird World LP
Running Wild - Death or Glory CD
Secrecy - Art in Motion CD
Vendetta - Brain Damage CD

GREECE (Top 10)
Airged L'amh - One Eyed God LP
Blood Covered - Same MLP
Crush - Kingdom Of The Kings LP
Dark Nova - Dark Rhapsodies LP
Guardian Angel - Beyond The Twilight 7"
Nigel Foxxe's Inc. - War of the Godz LP
Rust - Shoot em Higher MLP
Sarissa - Same CD
Thanatos Inc. - Life Ltd. LP
Vavel - Same LP

HOLLAND (Top 10)
Allied Forces - The day after MLP
Angus - Warrior of the World LP
Attila - Violent Streets MLP
Defender - City ad Mortis 12"
Future Tense - Condemned to the Gallow MLP
Jewel - La Morta 12"
Leader - Out in the Wastelands LP
Martyr - For the Universe LP
Mysto Dysto - The Rules have been Disturbed LP
Valkyrie - Deeds Of Prowess Demo

IRELAND (Top 10)
Blackwych - Out of Control LP
Cruachan - Tuatha Na Gael CD
Evil Priest - Hear no Evil Demo
Ezy Meat - Not for Whimps LP
Killer Watt - Death EP
Moral Crusade - An Act of Violence LP
Primordial - Spirit the Earth Aflame LP
Sampler - Green Metal LP
Tröjan - The March is on LP
Waylander - Reawakening Pride once Lost CD

ITALY (Top 15)
Adramelch - Irae Melanox LP
Asgard - Imago Mundi CD
Bulldozer - IX LP
Crying Steel - On the Prowl LP
Danger Zone - Victim of Time LP
Dark Ages - Saturnalia LP
Doomsword - Same LP
Gunfire - Same 12"
Hocculta - Back in the Dark LP
Morgana - Three years of Madness LP
Rex Inferi - Like A Hurricane LP
Sabotage - Behind the Lines LP
Swords - Black Opera LP
Tombstone - Rotten Power LP
Unreal Terror - Heavy and Dangerous 12"

Anthem - Hunting Time LP
Armageddon - Tears of a Kingbird LP
Breeze Least - Same LP
Crowley - Whisper of the Evil LP
Cry-Max - Same 8"
Ground Zero - Gate of Death MLP
Hellen - Talon of King LP
Paranoia - Come from Behind LP
Sacrifice - Crest of Black LP
Wolf - Same LP

Confessor - First Sin 12"
Rose Bayonet - Leather and Chains LP
Stonehenge - Wings of Steel 12"
Stormbringer - Life Sentence LP
Tyrant - Breaking Out LP

NORWAY (Top 5)
Artch - Another Return LP
Full Moon - Same LP
Mayhem - Deathcrush MLP
Rex Begonia - Same 7"
Witchhammer - 1487 LP

POLAND (Top 5)
Alastor - Syndroms of the Cities LP
Destroyers - Miseries of Virtue LP
Kat - Oddech Wymarlych Swiatow LP
Stos - Same LP
Turbo - Last Warrior LP

Iberia - Heroes of the Wasteland LP
Ramp - Thoughts LP
Tarantula - Kingdom of Lusithania LP
V12 - Same LP
Xeque Mate - En Home do Pai LP

RUSSIA (Top 5)
Arija - Krow sa Krow LP
Gods Tower - The Eerie CD
Kruiz - Same (II) LP
Paranoia - Evils Revenge LP
Shah - Beware LP

SPAIN (Top 15)
ADN - Same LP
Aspid - Oscura Reflexion MLP
Cadena Perpetua - En Nombre de la Paz LP
Crom - Wasteland LP
Drakar - Libre Y Salvaje 7"
Elikat - Caught in Love 12"
Excess - Princess of Darkness LP
Exodo - The New Babylon LP
Goliath - Same LP
Legion - Lethal Liberty LP
Mergus - Veni Vidi Vinci LP
Muro - Mutant Hunter LP
Santa - Templario LP
Thor - Mata a la Bestia LP
Zarpa - Angeles o Demonios LP

SWEDEN (Top 15)
Amorphis - My Kantele MCD
Bathory - Hammerheart LP
Candlemass - Nightfall LP
Cemetary - Godless Beauty CD
Damien - Requiem for the Dead 12"
Dark Tranquillity - Gallery LP
Edge of Sanity - The Spectral Sorrows CD
Einherjer - Dragons Of The North CD
Fallen Angel - Faith Fails LP
Heavy Load - Stonger than Evil LP
Lake of Tears - Headstones CD
Metal Mercy - The Unborn Child 12"
Morgana Lefay - Symphony of the Damned 12"
Raving Mad - Lethal Greed Shape
Zone Zero - Win or Die/Evil Dream 7"

Apocalypse - Same LP
Burn - Get outta my Way 7"
Deyss - At-King LP
Drifter - Reality Turns to Dust LP
Emerald - Calling the Knights CD
Genocide - Roots In Rock 12"
Messiah - Rotten Perish CD
Poltergeist - Behind my Mask CD
Sacrifice - Same 12"
Werewolf - Mercenary 7"

USA (Top 35)
Abbatoir - Only save Place LP
Amulance - Feel the Pain LP
Coven - Blessed is the Black LP
Deadly Blessing - Ascend from the Cauldron LP
Destructor - Maximum Destruction LP
Exxplorer - Symphonies of Steel LP
Gargoyle - Same LP
Heathen - Breaking the Silence LP
Holy Terror - Terror And Submission LP
Iced Earth - Night of the Stormrider LP
Ion Britton - Eat Metal 12"
Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction LP
Liege Lord - Freedoms Rise LP
Manilla Road - Crystal Logic LP
Manowar - Kings of Metal LP
Metal Church - The Dark LP
Oliver Magnum - Same LP
Omen - Warning of Danger LP
Powerlord - The Awakening MLP
Psychotic Waltz - A Social Grace LP
Ray Gunn - Same MLP
Ruthless - Metal without Mercy MLP
Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black CD
Satans Host - Metal from Hell LP
Savatage - Gutter Ballet CD
Saviour Machine - Same (I) CD
Slough Feg - Twilight of the Idols LP
Stormtrooper - Armies of the Night MLP
Street Child - Same 12"
Tyrants Reign - Year of the Tyrants MLP
Tyton - Mind over Metal LP
Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the Night LP
Virgin Steele - Age of Consent LP
Warlord - Cannons of Destruction LP
Znowhite - Act of God LP

Bombarder - Bez Milosti LP
Crna Udovica - Same LP
Demoniac - Touch the Wind LP
Heller - Same LP
Pergament - Vruca Linija LP
(These lists would look different every time I'll write them down... but all of the mentioned records are great, and I would miss every single one dearly...)

Do you trade / buy / sell?

My sales list can be viewed at: (This site is not regulary updated, no time for it - just ask for brand-new list thru Email, I can print an up-to-date-one every day! Currently more than 2000 items, mostyl obscure/rare/great/private stuff, no mainstream) If you have anything for trade, feel free to send your lists or offers!! Again: No Mainstream please. My

Any famous last words?

It's great to see the Metalpage doing well and getting bigger, WORLD DOMINATION IS AT HAND, YES!! Thanks to contributers like Charly Reckendorfer, Michael Honegger, Dave Harrison, Massimo Machetti, Rob Preston, Stefan Wendle, Laurent Lahierle, Peter Daub, Bart Gabriel, Michael Vaucher, Ronald Jacobi, Andrea Grieco, Sigi Ketterer and many more!!! We are always looking for REVIEWERS or TRANSLATORS (English - German), if interested, get in touch!!!