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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Well, hard music always was around in my childhood. My father was much into Heavy/Thrash Metal like Metallica, Slayer and had an own band...while my mother was a pure punk rocker. But in fact, it really took some time until I got into Metal and it was only by accident. My stepfather loaded Cannibal Corpse's "I cum blood" mp3 down to my PC just for a joke in 2003 or 2004 when I was 16 (I didn't heard so much music this time, some Hard Rock ala AC/DC, ZZ Top, but more old Hip Hop from the 80s, Funk, Reggae, Ska, etc.). I listened to it, laughed and erased it. Some time later (a few months), I really don't know why, I got this mp3 again and I somehow liked it, it was interesting for me. So I looked up for informations about this and found a german webzine ( I found some pictures from the Slayer debut there and it reminded me of my childhood. Immidiately I bought the "Show No Mercy" CD in a local store, magically I was sure it would appeal to me. And did...I was completely amazed... this unbelievable power in the music, these great punkrock-drums (a thing I still don't want to miss in good old thrash/speed metal!), Tom Araya's unholy voice, the satanic image and lyrics, the cult belzebu on the cover, the godly riffs...all of that was a heavy blow for me!!! And I knew this marked a new beginning in my taste of music...and that this kind of music will be my favourite forever. So...I (consciously) listen to Heavy Metal since 2004 or 2005 when I was around 16, ca. for 2, 3 years but I'm not so sure about the dates.

How and when did you become a collector?

I've been collecting music since I listen to Heavy Metal...before that I hardly bought a CD. I'm collecting Vinyl for 1 - 1 1/2 years when I got the old HiFi from my mom.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Mostly Vinyl of course! The only material for carrying Metal, hehe. I like (Demo)tapes a lot and collect them, too. But I ever fear their duration (tape salad is my nightmare). CDs are the last choice, mostly rare ones from late 80s/early 90s.

Which styles do you collect?

I was long into Black Metal after a short period of Thrash Metal in the beginning. But now I rarely listen to it, only old stuff now, because this newer third wave stuff or what it's called isn't really my thing anymore, some rare exceptions maybe. I am now discovering old NWOBHM / Doom acts, old Speed/Thrash Metal from early 80s... When I'm not listening Metal/Hard Rock stuff, I still find some sympathy for old Reggae, Elektronika like Kraftwerk, Cluster, "soft" rock like Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens ("Numbers" is my favourite), Beatles (not the Love Me Do etc. lala-music though) my horizon isn't 100% stucked to Metal.

How big is your collection?

Not this much of course because I'm quite new with it. Ca. 310 LPs/Tapes/CDs. As I said, the biggest part consists of LPs and tapes.

Where do you buy?

Rarely ebay, only for really unknown stuff. I mostly use forums to get connections, I have a nice trade pal in czech and one in england for example..., I use gemm and musicstack when there is a fair offering (well, pityful that it is quite unusual). There are also some really good and fair Second Hand Mailorders from Germany. Sometimes I buy new releases from Heavy Metal Super Stars, Japan, Nuclear War Now!, etc.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

My rarest records are the following:

-ARC - "War of the Ring" signed 7" (3 exist)
-Graven Image - "People In Hell Still Want Ice Water" Testpress (14 copies)
-Extermintator - "Total Extermination" original Bemol LP with Insert
-Black Hole - "Land Of Mystery" LP
-Darkthrone - "Under A Funeral Moon" LP complete with all stuff and mint
-VON - "Satanic Blood Angel" Die Hard DLP limited to 200
-Outbreak - "Master Stroke" LP with poster, mint in seal
-Maniac Butcher - "Krvestreb" LP, limited to 99

-both Outbreak demos
-Ildjarn demo '93 and Minnesjord
-Abruptum demo II
-Agatus first demo
-Lucifugum first demo
And other very limited semi-rare stuff.

My favourite LP records are the following:
-Slayer - "Show No Mercy"....of course
-Death Angel - "The Ultra-Violence"
-Pagan Altar - "Volume One"
-Törr - "Institut Klinicke Smrti"
-Sabbat (Jpn) - "The Sabbatical Rites ('85-'89)"
-Satan's Host - "Metal From Hell"
-Black Hole - "Land Of Mystery"
-Jag Panzer - "Ample Destruction"
-Master's Hammer - "Ritual"
-Pokolgép - "Pokoli Szinjatek"
-ZZ Top - "Deguello"
-Tank - "Honour & Blood"
-KAT - "666"
-Rainbow - "Rising"
-Bathory - "Hammerheart" ....etc. etc. etc.
Yeah I know there are many more ...and maybe I could have forgotten one...and of course I have not discovered any classic and masterpiece yet. This list is about to develope and will be bigger in future...but these are the ones I will worship forever.

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Of course I'm interested in trading as well as buying stuff. My tradelist is still very small, though, and my wantlist is 400 times bigger.... My interests are in more unknown and exotic than usual bands, no mainstream and NO MODERN BS.... I'm really into old Czech stuff like Törr (and east european bands in general), South American sickos/idiots like Exterminator (of course good Heavy Metal bands from there too), asian bands...well..., you can say in general obscure and good stuff from all over the world.

Any famous last words?

I would like to give a fancy quote from some cool guy, but I don't remember one now. Well, anyway, sorry for my crappy english, I think it's full of mistakes....