Patrick Lefevre

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Patrick Lefevre 91, Avenue Porterat 88500 Mirecourt France

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

In 1981, I saw a cover which hitted my eyes and my mind. It was Eddie on "Killers" by IRON MAIDEN. I wanted the album and my life has changed. I discovered heavy metal by myself, nobody listened to heavy metal in my family. But heavy metal is in my blood...

How and when did you become a collector?

I think if you listened in heavy metal in the 80's, you were already a metal collector, especially if you were looking for vinyls by underground bands. I don't collect because I want a collection. I collect because I love metal. I mean the vinyls are not here to make your room beautiful. They are here first to be played loud on your stereo.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I prefer collecting vinyls. But you can find rare cds which are easier to find than rare lps. Sometimes when I have enough to search the lp or the cd, I buy the tape album (but this event is rare).

Which styles do you collect?

I concentrate on heavy / epic / power / speed / thrash metal. But I also like doom and old school death metal. Why? I think heavy metal is the first love of my life! I can't live without my albums.

How big is your collection?

I still have not counted the pieces of my collection, but I think with the lps, cds and tapes, it's something like 2000....

Where do you buy?

Until 1988 I bought my lps by the local shop. At the beginning of 1988, I started to buy by mailorder. Today I only buy by mailorder, because that's where the albums I want are. Now the local shop only sells pop / rap / techno cds.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

I would say (no order):
AFTERMATH "Straight From Hell" mlp 1985
CIRITH UNGOL "Frost And Fire" lp 1981
JAG PANZER "License To Kill" test pressing picture mlp 1984
KNIGHTMARE II "Death Do Us Part" mlp 1985
KRAKEN demo lp 1983 in blue vinyl
RIPPER "And The Dead Shall Rise" picture lp 1985
WITCHFINDER GENERAL "Death Penalty" lp 1982 in red vinyl
CRYING STEEL "On The Prowl" lp 1987
TURBO "Kawaleria Szatana" lp 1986
MERCYFUL FATE "same" mlp 1982

Do you trade / buy / sell?

I am not interested at all to sell. I buy a lp when the price is reasonable, I think the guys who sell their lp for 60 euros or 150 dollars are ridiculous. I am interested to trade tapes with metalheads like me. Because there is always obscure recordings to discover.

Any famous last words?

Thanks for reading these words. Thanks to all the die-hard metalheads who keep real metal alive. For those of you who would be interested, I have a fanzine called Iron Wolf. It's written in english and is dedicated to real metal with the 80's spirit. E-mail me for infos.