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Concerning my job, i am the manager of the French Heavy Metal band, NIGHTMARE and i am writing a book since couple years about all the history (and discography) of the all the French Heavy Metal bands from 1966 until 2001. I also work with Metallian


Christophe BAILET 11, rue de Berne 75008 PARIS - FRANCE - phone : (33)

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I listen to heavy metal since 1979. I was really young at that time and my cousin, older then me, was listening to Heavy Metal. He doesn't listen to Heavy Metal any more since 1980, but he gave me his passion for Heavy Metal. I still remember the two first albums that i've bought, it was "In Rock" from DEEP PURPLE and "Strangers In The Night" from UFO. A revelation for me !!!!

How and when did you become a collector?

I'm a collector seriously since 1985. I collect because i like to get rare stuff and also because of my job. I need to know the different releases.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

In fact i collect a lot of things : demos, LPs, CDs, sometimes bootlegs of some bands, magazines, fanzines, and french HM in general of course.

Which styles do you collect?

I love the Heavy Metal from the 80's (German, French, US, Danish or from Sweden), specially Heavy-Metal, Heavy-Speed, Thrash and also FM and Death-Metal. In fact i hate grunge or bands like Slipknot, Tool, Rammstein... It's not metal bands for me. I also like Black Metal, but specially from the 80's (Angel Witch, Bathory, Bulldozer, Venom,...)

How big is your collection?

It's a difficult question !!! I have more than 9 000 albums.

Where do you buy?

I get them in shops, mail-order, auction-sales, Metal Markets on tour... I also receive some albums from labels or bands for there promotion.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

for the LPs :
95YNF (V/A with Avatar (before Savatage))
QUIET RIOT 1 & 2 (both with Randy Rhoads) (Japan)
ATTENTAT ROCK ("Attentat Rock")
SAVATAGE ("Siren") (on Par Records)
LIONS BREED (pre-Scanner)
STEELTOWER (pre-Heaven's Gate)
MÖTLEY CRÜE ("Too Fast For Love" - Leather Rec.)

for the CDs :
KEEL ("Lay Down The Law") (Japan)
PAGANINI "Weapon Of Love"
VICTORY ("Victory")

for the 12" or 7" :
IRON MADEN ("Soundhouse Tapes")
RUNNING WILD ("Running Wild" (12", 3 tracks)
EXCITER ("Feel The Knife")
MÖTLEY CRÜE ("Stick To Your Guns") (7" Leathur Rec.)

for the demos :
CINDERELLA (1984/1985)

Do you trade / buy / sell?

Yes, of course !!!

Any famous last words?

Not really, except that it's a good thing that a web site like this exist !!!