Chrystian Anderson Mass

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

My first contact with rock´n´roll did happen in 1983, when I was a seven years old kid and KISS did their last gigs with make-up here in Brasil. One year later one cousin of mine gave me two posters, AC/DC and The Police. Thereafter in 1985 we had the first edition of now famous event Rock in Rio Festival. It was totally mindblowing for me to see AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions and Whitesnake live on TV for the very first time, a life-changing experience.

How and when did you become a collector?

If you mean "collector" as anyone who takes different versions of the same album, or spent lots of money on a rarity (even disliking the music), then I´m out. Music is what matters, so I only take what I want to hear, that´s my standard. There´s no point in accumulating thousands of records on shelves for a "status" only. Anyways, my first LP was AC/DC´s "For those about to rock" as anniversary gift from my father in 1985. But I started buying my own in the end of 1988.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Mainly vinyl, the perfect shape. CDs, tapes and videos are fine too.

Which styles do you collect?

Mostly 70s and 80s hard rock/heavy metal (British Rock, NWOBHM, US Metal, Europeans, etc). I also like some extreme metal, but traditionals are what I enjoy most.

How big is your collection?

Around 500 LPs and 100 CDs.

Where do you buy?

Second hand stores, fairs, etc.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

By Heart:

AC/DC - for those about to rock LP (Australia/1981)
BLACKFOOT - highway song live LP (US/1982)
BUDGIE - power supply LP (Wales/1980)
IRON MAIDEN - somewhere in time LP (UK/1986)
KROKUS - metal rendez-vous LP (Switzerland/1980)
MOTÖRHEAD - orgasmatron LP (UK/1986)
NAZARETH - expect no mercy LP (Scotland/1977)
OZZY OSBOURNE - bark at the moon LP (UK/1983)
QUIET RIOT - metal health LP (US/1983)
SAXON - wheels of steel LP (UK/1980)
SCORPIONS - love at first sting LP (Germany/1984)
TWISTED SISTER - stay hungry LP (US/1984)
URIAH HEEP - sonic origami 2LP (UK/1998)
VAN HALEN - 1984 LP (US/1984)
W.A.S.P. - the raw LP (US/1987)
WHITESNAKE - slide it in LP (UK/1984)

ANGELWITCH - frontal assault LP (UK/1986)
BATTLEAXE - burn this town LP (UK/1983)
BLITZKRIEG - a time of changes LP (UK/1985)
CHARIOT - burning ambition LP (UK/1986)
DEMON - anthology 2LP (UK/1991)
GASKIN - I´m no fool 7" (UK/1981)
GRAND PRIX - samurai LP (UK/1983)
LONEWOLF - nobody´s move EP (UK/1984)
MAMA´S BOYS - plug it in LP (Northern Ireland/1982)
PERSIAN RISK - rise up LP (UK/1986)
SARACEN - change of heart LP (UK/1984)
SAVAGE - loose´n´lethal LP (UK/1983)
SON OF A BITCH - victim you CD (UK/1996)
TANK - this means war LP (UK/1983)
VENOM - black metal LP (UK/1982)

AXEHAMMER - windrider LP (US/2005)
CARNIVORE - s/t LP (US/1985)
DARK ANGEL - we have arrived LP (US/1985)
EXCITER - unveiling the wicked LP (Canada/1986)
MANILLA ROAD - crystal logic LP (US/1983)
MANOWAR - hail to england LP (US/1984)
Q5 - steel the light LP (US/1984)
RIOT - born in america LP (US/1983)
THE RODS - wild dogs LP (US/1982)
WARLORD - deliver us EP (US/1983)
WHITE WOLF - standing alone LP (Canada/1984)

ACID - maniac LP (Belgium/1983)
ATTACK - danger in the air LP (Germany/1984)
BULLET - execution LP (Germany/1981)
BULLET - heading for the top LP (Sweden/2006)
CUTTY SARK - heroes LP (Germany/1985)
DESTRUCTION - infernal overkill LP (Germany/1985)
FAITHFUL BREATH - gold´n´glory LP (Germany/1984)
GRAVE DIGGER - heart of darkness CD (Germany/1995)
HEAVY LOAD - stronger than evil LP (Sweden/1983)
KING DIAMOND - fatal portrait LP (Denmark/1986)
MERCYFUL FATE - melissa (Denmark/1983)
PICTURE - diamond dreamer LP (Holland/1982)
RESTLESS - we rock the nation LP (Germany/1985)
RUNNING WILD - ready for boarding LP (Germany/1988)
SINNER - danger zone LP (Germany/1984)
SODOM - mortal way of live 2LP (Germany/1988)
STEELER - undercover animal LP (germany/1988)
TAROT - the spell of iron LP (Finland/1986)
TRANCE - power infusion LP (Germany/1983)

ALTA TENSÃO - portal do inferno LP (Brasil/1987)
ROBERTINHO DE RECIFE - metal mania LP (Brasil/1984)
SHOCK - heavy metal we salute you LP (Brasil/1991)
STEEL LORD - demo tape (Brasil/1997)
STRESS - flor atomica LP (Brasil/1985)
VULCANO - bloody vengeance LP (Brasil/1986)

BATHORY - hammerheart LP (Sweden/1990)
AUTOPSY - acts of the unspeakable LP (US/1992)
BENEDICTION - the grand leveller LP (UK/1991)
DEATH - leprosy LP (US/1988)
INCANTATION - onward to golgotha LP (US/1992)

ASHBURY - endless skies LP (US/1983)
BLACK FATE - commander of fate LP (Germany/1986)
BLACK KNIGHT - master of disaster EP (Canada/1985)
BREAKER - in days of heavy metal LP (Canada/1982)
CRYSTAL KNIGHT - s/t LP (Denmark/1985)
EMERALD - armed for battle LP (US/1987)
EXPLORER - symphonies of steel LP (US/1985)
HAMMERON - nothing to do but rock LP (US/1986)
LEATHER NUNN - take the night LP (US/1986)
METALWOLF - down to the wire LP (US/1986)
STONEHENGE - wings of steel EP (New Zealand/1986)
TRAITORS GATE - devil takes the high road EP (UK/1985)
VORTEX - open the gate LP (Holland/1986)

Do you trade / buy / sell?

At the moment no.

Any famous last words?