Alexandre D. Martins

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Date of birth:



Economy Student



E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I´ve been listening Metal since 1997 when I listened Judas Priest and Iron Maiden for the first time.

How and when did you become a collector?

I´m a collector since 2000.I collect because I love seeking and finding rare items!

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Vinyl/CD and some demo tapes

Which styles do you collect?

NWOBHM/ Heavy/ Power/ Speed and Thrash Metal

How big is your collection?

About 600 items ( 60% vinyl 40% CD's)

Where do you buy?

Friends, Internet, second hand Shops...

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

Trial - Scream for Mercy
Alta Tensão - Portal do Inferno
Evo - Animal de Ciudad
Black Hawk - First Attack
Mythra - 7" (Guardian Records)
Battlefield - We Stand to Fight
Rotor - Tépj Szét Minden Láncot
Dragonne - On Dragons Wings (Picture)
Slayer S.A. - Prepare to Die (picture)
Drakkar - X- Rated

Do you trade / buy / sell?


Any famous last words?

Metal to the end!