Patricia Vandycke

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Sales rep & full time metal head


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E-Mail address:

Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

Got into HR/Metal in the late 70s. My older brother introduced me to Kiss, Sabs, Zep, Priest. My parents and I moved to London from 1978-1984. For which I am stil grateful to this very day. It got me in touch with NWOBHM and let me experience it from up close. Went to see Deep Machine, Genghis Khan, Destroya, Maiden w. DiAnno & Stratton, Angel Witch, Dragonfly,... back then.

How and when did you become a collector?

Ever since I got an allowance from mom and dad, most of it went to records, records, records. I collect because I have to. It's manic, it controls my life. And I get a kick out of sniffing vinyl records. ;-)

What kind of stuff do you collect?

NWOBHM rules! Period. And US metal / obscure 70s Heavy Psych as well.

Which styles do you collect?

See above

How big is your collection?

Hmm, I reckon about 15.000 LPs, 2500 singles, 4000 CDs and boxes full of tapes still waiting to be transferred to CDR.

Where do you buy?

Ebay, record fairs, garage sales, the trading scene...

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

phew.. difficult one. Here goes (Just NWOBHM, ask me tomorrow and the list could be different):
Phyne Thanquz -"Into The Sun" 7" (1981)
Juno's Claw "Barbara" 7" (1979)
Destroya "Cry Of The Demon Wolf" 7" (test pressing 1982 - never released)
Masterstroke - "Prisoner Of Love" 7" (1980)
Meanstreak - "Played It Right" 7"EP (1981)
Woden Forge - "Death Instinct" 7" (1983)
Titan - "East Wind West Wind" 7" (1980)
Valkyrie - "Forgotten Heroes" 7" (1982)
Requiem - "Angel Of Sin" 7"(1980)
Radium - "Through The Smoke" 7"EP (1981)

Do you trade / buy / sell?

All my doubles went a loooong time ago. Just buying at any occasion possible. Would KILL for these horrendously obscure NWOBHM items:
Anthrax (from the Devonshire area) - "Fire of London" 7" (1981, I think)
Tarot Sutra - "Mirror Mirror" 7" (1983)
The Brazen Oath - "Fall from Grace" 7" (1983)
Excelsior - "Taking The World By Storm" 7" (1981-82)
Jedediah Strut - "You Can't Take It" 7" (1980)
Armageddon - "Ain't No Sin" 7" (1981)
Anyone who can help me track these babies down, pleeeze get in touch.

Any famous last words?

Never give up on old values! Rock on.