Jérôme Maréchal

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Date of birth:



I'm a student


You'll get those informations after contacting me on my e-mail address if needed !

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

I listen to Heavy Metal for aproximatively 6 years. It isn't easy to tell you what I love in HM... So I'd only tell you Heavy Metal is the kind of music giving me the most powerfull feelings !

How and when did you become a collector?

I can say I'm a real collector for 3 years. Why do I collect ? I don't really know, maybee because I love seeking and finding (of course) rare items... It's a great feelings : months or years of search and a beautifull day you find THE album you were seeking for... Great !!!

What kind of stuff do you collect?

I mostly collect Lp's and cd's. But I also like tapes.

Which styles do you collect?

I especially love thrash metal but I'm also into old school US and Euro metal...

How big is your collection?

400 cd's - 50 Lp's - 50 tapes

Where do you buy?

Ebay, metal fairs, trades, sellers, shops, etc.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

- LAAZ ROCKIT : Taste of rebellion Live in Citta w/ Obi on Pony Canyon Records
- ADX : Suprématie Lp on Sydney
- ADX : La terreur Lp on Sydney
- DRAKKAR : X-Rated on Musidisc
- APOCALYPSE : S/T (private pressung)
- DECADENCE : Gangs and victims (Belgian thrash outfit w/ former Cyclone member) cd and Lp on Justice Records
- TYRANT\'S REIGN : Year of the tyrant PicLp
- CYCLONE : Inferior to none Lp on Justice Records
- ASPHYXIA : Exit reality Lp on Rumble Records - Etc.

Do you trade / buy / sell?

yes, of course ! Just send me your lists !

Any famous last words?

Heavy Metal is the law !