James Grant

Date of birth:



Audio System Engineer and touring Audio/Backline Technician. Currently playing Bass in Sydney metal band Tyrannic.

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

For how long have you been listening to Heavy Metal and who/what inspired you? All my life have I been around Heavy Metal music. My dad listened to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Budgie. As a child I lived with older cousins and the first album I rember listening to was Sepultura's Schizophrenia. From that day on there was no going back.

How and when did you become a collector?

For as long as I have been able to find money to be able to buy records, over ten years now.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

At first I bought CD's as they were easier to come by but I realised I needed the real thing. So Vinyl and Tape are the only things I focus on these days although I only have a handful of tapes.

Which styles do you collect?

Any South American Metal. - Female fronted metal bands (real metal) - NWOBHM (mostly the 7" - Early Australian bands - VENOM AND MANILLA ROAD! I don't focus on specific genres because every genre has its share of crap. I focus on what I like, no matter the genre.

How big is your collection?

Around 600 LP/12"/7"s or so. I need to go through and make get a count going.

Where do you buy?

Wherever I can get my hands on what I am looking for, be it internet like eBay and other websites, and of course what I can from record stores. I enjoy the mystery of record fairs and not having set out to find a specific piece, I never knowing what I might find.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

A mixture of both here.

Black Knight - Master Of Disaster
Budgie - Budige
Malisha - Serve Your Savage Beast
Manilla Road - After Midnight Live
Manilla Road - Crystal Logic
Manilla Road - Invasion
Manilla Road - Mark Of The Beast
Manilla Road - Metal
Massive Appendage - The Severed Erection
Parabellum - Sacrilegio
Razor - Executioner's Song
Sarcófago - INRI
Sepultura/Overdose - Split
Sorcery - Sinister Soldiers
Zen Venom - From Another Planet

Astaroth - Aullido Sepulcral
Arc - War Of The Ring
Diamond Head - Shoot Out The Lights
Mortician - Brutally Mutilated
Mythra - Death And Destiny
Reencarnación - Acompáñame A La Tumba
Sledgehammer - Living In Dreams
Sweet Jayne - Icarus
Venom - All singles

Any famous last words?

If you are a false don't entry because you'll be burned and died.